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Ryan Deiss – Native Ad Academy


Published on: December 14, 2020
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Finally? a PROVEN, Legitimate Program to Identify a Profitable Idea? and Turn It Into a Reliable Side Income of $1,000/Month – With Just 5 Hours a Week

Use these tested, step-by-step techniques to find a profitable idea and turn your EXISTING skills into DIRECT side income

NEW in Earn1K 2.0? A Private Vault packed with all-new scripts, never-before-released case studies, and examples from every conceivable field. Plus, new expert Master Classes on time management, negotiation, systems-building, and marketing.

Roadmap: A Week-by-Week Overview

Week 1: Crush your barriers

  • Learn the #1 biggest barrier you’ll face when starting, and then overcome it
  • How to pick the right field, even if you think you don’t have any skills
  • Psychological tactics to keep yourself highly motivated and even increase your performance
  • How to avoid what almost all new freelancers waste hours on – with ZERO results

Week 2: Dominate your niche to maximize demand

  • Learn the power of ?No,? to drive demand for your services higher than ever, while protecting your time and energy
  • How to instantly evaluate the demand for your service before ever spending time on marketing
  • The difference between creating a niche and specializing in one
  • How to use niche techniques to select a target market that’s irresistible to high-value clients

Week 3: Tapping into your client’s ?Buy? mechanism

  • Learn the 16 most effective emotional triggers that tap into your clients? desire to buy
  • Why your ‘skills? aren’t as important as you think
  • How to construct rock-solid deliverables so clients see your value – and get desperate for your services
  • The upsell techniques that land you bigger projects, partnership deals, and even full-time job offers

Week 4: Set your price’then increase it

  • Choosing your price without agonizing or hedging
  • How to get clients to gladly pay you more than they originally planned
  • Why clients WANT you to sell to them (and how to do it so it works)
  • Learn the one tactic to use so you never again say ?I don’t know where to find clients !

Week 5: Communicate to maximize client love

  • Instantly spot dead-end leads, and learn how to avoid them
  • The right (and wrong) way to pitch a new client
  • Email scripts to help you pitch clients in minutes, not hours
  • Develop trust and obliterate your clients? hidden objections with specific, proven phrases

Week 6: Closing the sale from your first conversation

  • Getting to the ?Yes? before even telling them your rate
  • How to close any sale
  • When NOT to close – even if your client is ready to buy
  • The ?1-2 punch? and other powerful email techniques to get people to respond

Week 7: On-the-job: overcoming objections and getting referrals</


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