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Ryan Deiss, Richard Lidner, Perry Belcher – Email World 2013


    Published on: November 17, 2021
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    Smart people who make money sending email … You will want to attend…
    Discover What’s Working NOW In Email Marketing In 2 Days Flat LIVE!
    If your business depends on sending email, you would be CRAZY not to attend this Email World…
    Let me prove my point… Do you know…

    • How to get 3 TIMES more subscribers than you’re getting right now by taking away your opt-in form COMPLETELY?
    • How to as much as DOUBLE your email deliverability using simple list hygiene?
    • The 10 proven subject lines formulas and 3 “Sneaky Little Tricks” that increase email click through rates by up to 500%
    • How many links you should add to each email? Where they need to be placed and what they need to say. (One mistake here and you lose 90% of your clicks)
    • The “KEYSTONE” secret to email copywriting that almost forces people to click on your emails?
    • The 8 critical failure points an email must pass before it hits the inbox… or doesn’t.
    • How to use Facebook to increase boost your email campaigns performance by up to 321% for just $10 a day?
    • How automated micro-segmentation and “triggering” can boost sales conversions from email by as much as 180%
    • How the perfect HTML template can increase response by up to 83% and how this common mistake can DISTROY it by cutting response in half
    • How to “Mind Read” your list for a penny a name to determine sex, age, location, wealth level… you can even tell you if they have a cat… seriously!
    • How to eliminate 90% of all SPAM complaints by adding a “Tiny Word Button” to the top of every email you send “Can you guess what is says?”
      — End from Sales Letter —


      • This is the list of presentations:Day One:
    • Make Money Sending Emails with Ryan Deiss
    • Grow Your Business with John Walker of Constant Contact
    • Using Inbound to Humanize your Email Strategy with Alan Perlman
    • 9 Factors to Consider when Selecting an ESP with Michael Kelly
    • Interview with Michael Kelly of Click Mail
    • Permission Marketing with Elie Ashery
    • Testing with Justin Rondeau
    • Lead Capture – How to Turn Traffic into Subscribers?with Ryan Deiss
    • Life Cycle Marketing with Dan Ralphs
    • Sneaky 2 Click Opt-in Method with Lance Johnson
    • Creating Loyal Email Fans with Justin Premick
    • Creating Effective Email Campaigns with David Littlechild
    • A Word from the Sponsors of Email World 2013
    • Using Real-time Analytics to Identify Qualified Sales Leads?with Craig Klein
    • Email Deliverability: 10 Myths & A Reality Check?with Justin Premick
    • Email & Mobile Text Marketing with Robert Burko
    • Q&A with Ryan Deiss & Richard Lindner

    Day Two:

    • Using Email Analytics & Segmentation to Increase your Conversions with Richard Lindner
    • Email Copywriting with Perry Belcher
    • How to Optimize your Event & Email Sequences?with Dustin Matthews
    • A Crash Course in Email Marketing for Small & Mid-sized Companies with John Hayes
    • What Consumers Really Want from your Email Marketing ?with Christopher Barnes
    • Life Cycle Marketing (continued) with Dan Ralphs
    • Q&A with Ryan Deiss & Richard Lindner
    • The Dirty Side of Email Marketing with Daniel Miller
    • How Mobile Change the Message with Jim Ducharme
    • Marketing for the Mobile Inbox with Jay Jhun
    • Email Trends for 2014 with Heather Seitz
    • Developing Content Marketing with Michael Harlper
    • Improving Email Marketing with A/B Testing with Massimo Arrigoni
    • Email Marketing – 40 to 1 with Daniel Miller
    • What You Should Do


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