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Published on: May 12, 2021
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Ryan Deiss and his friend Zach Booker have just released a brand new course titled Domain Scalping. This step-by-step system reveals Zach and Ryan’s Domain Scalping Secrets for turning $9.95 domains into $5000 dollars (or more) cash, literally within 1-3 days. That’s more than a 3788% profit.
If you want to learn how to rapidly make sneaky but ethical cash, you need to check out Domain Scalping right now.
If you’re tired of spending hours doing keyword research, building websites, writing articles, building links and seeing almost no traffic, no sales and therefore no money, then Domain Scalping will be perfect for you.
I’m not going to lie and tell you there won’t be any work involved in making money buying and selling domains using this system. But it will be a heck of a lot LESS work than the usual kind of affiliate or internet marketing that you may be used to.
It all started many years ago, when former Wendy’s burger flipper, Zach Booker, literally stumbled upon a bonanza of virtual gold.
What Zach discovered was the hugely profitable market of ‘Domain Brokering’.
Before Zach discovered the Domain Scalping Secrets revealed in this course, he used to make something in the vicinity of $8/hour at Wendy’s.
But all that changed one Saturday when Zach heard his dad talking about a new and hot real estate market. Zach saw an opportunity and decided to buy a $9.95 domain that was specifically tailored to that market. And (here’s the great thing!) within just 48 hours was able to sell that domain for an amazing $3000 dollars.
Needless to say that was better than the pay at Wendy’s. So Zach quit his job.
Now, Zach and Ryan want to share their Domain Scalping blueprint with YOU, showing you exactly how to buy $4 domains and sell them for anything between $3000-5000 dollars per sale.
Domain brokering is in many ways similar to how you do business on the stock market – but with almost 0% risk! You should buy low and you sell high. This is fast, easy money.
And again, you don’t need a website, a list, customer service or any of that. All you need is a got eye for spotting hot markets and then swooping in and buying the very best domains that a specific client would be interested in paying a lot of money for.
That’s Domain Scalping in a nutshell.


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