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Ryan Lee and Barry Plaskow – 1K Per Day 2.0 Mastermind


Published on: December 14, 2020
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IK/Day 2.0 Mastermind

? 6 Week mastermind training that will get you super successful with your very 1st webinar ?

Week One: Your big idea and where to find one if you don’t already have one

? You’ll discover EXACTLY how to turn any book or idea into a medium to high ticket online product (delivered purely by webinars, so there’s almost no set up or tech issues to overcome!)

? You’ll discover where to find top authors with a loyal online following that will be happy to build a high end product using webinars – (and you get 50%+ on all sales your partnership generates!)

Week Two: Building your sales webinar out (invaluable)

? Barry and I will both build out a new webinar in LIVE TIME in 2 different niches
? Follow along step by step ?
? By the end of this session, you will have your very own high end webinar in your hands ?
? Never been this easy to write a high converting webinar ?.

Week Three: your sales process revealed

? How to close a webinar to 2x your conversions ?
? How to get paid 1 Ox more than you ever imagined possible.:.
? How to add high end continuity and have your clients desperate to join . ..
? How to run encores and replays to 2.5x your numbers (we’ve taught the gurus about this) ?

Week Four: Drive traffic, tweak and SELL!

? We will be joined by Ryan Shaw the # 1 Facebook expert .. .
? By the end of this session, you will have your ads already up on Facebook and driving them into your webinar ?
? How to get the very best traffic at a fraction of the cost ?
? Most importantly, by the end of week 4, you should be making significant sales!

Weeks Five and Six: Automate and Scale up

? Exclusive training with the team

? + bonus sessions with Casey Zeman, the ? # 1 webinar automation expert, founder of Easy Webinars system

Weeks Five and Six: Automate and Scale up

? We’ll be showing you how to create the simplest, most powerful funnel to drive traffic directly from Facebook into an automated webinar ?

Weeks Five and Six: Automate and Scale up

? 1 000 clicks = 400 sign ups ?
? Tiny tweak = 300+ attendees!
? The secret to increasing sales!
? You get exclusive access to Barry and I throughout the mastermind ?
? Ask your questions and get them answered? ~
? Small mastermind environment


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