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Ryan Lee – FB Continuity


Published on: December 10, 2020
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I?m taking a handful of people through a ?One Week FB Continuity Kick Start?. There will be a few live training sessions that will cover?

This is going to be a $1,500.00 training program. But right now, I?m taking a test-group through the system.

I?m talking STEP-BY-STEP? all delivered LIVE (all trainings are recorded for lifetime access).

You can become a member of this special test-group for just one-payment of $197. There are no upsells, just a clean offer.

The numbers are very compelling. Even if you had just 50 members at $47 per month ? that?s almost $2,500.00 PER MONTH in recurring revenue (one of my FB Continuity programs has over 1,000 members paying $47 per month).

I have continuity programs on Facebook ranging from $47 to $497 PER MONTH. And the numbers add up quickly.

Even if you get just one new member a day at $47 per month.. that comes to over $17,000 PER MONTH in recurring revenue after 12 months.

One of my clients has a 6-figure income (using the FB Continuity system) in the triathlalon niche. That?s right, a subniche like triathletes is bringing in 6-figures with a continuity program delivered on Facebook.

And you can get setup with no technical experience ? I?ll show you exactly how to do it.

Remember, continuity income is RECURRING REVENUE. It?s dependable and it?s month after month.

Whether you are already selling a product (or just want to deliver the FB Continuity as your sole product), this training will help you build a rock-solid revenue base.

How many training sessions are there?

All of the training is delivered in three power-packed sessions. I cut through all the fluff and get right to the building of your program.

Can this work for any niche?

Just about. I?ve seen it work for everything from health/fitness and life coaching to hobbies, business, publishing and marketing.

Do I need expensive software?

NO! You only use Facebook. No plugins. No wordpress. No software.

Can I use this for a coaching program?

Absolutely! It?s the perfect way to deliver a coaching program.


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