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Ryan McKinney – T-Shirt Tango


Published on: December 10, 2020
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The process is pretty cut and dry, and not to be over thought.

Real quick, if you’re not going to trust me or can?t handle me being me, then there are 3 other gentleman that I have known for years, done business with & trust. They have excellent information on this Facebook stuff as well, they are: Don Wilson, Tanner Larsson, or Ben Adkins.

Here are the steps to the process:

Don’t worry, you’re going to have a chance to grab more advanced and very in-depth training from me.

Right now, I just need to make sure you can walk before you try to take off at a dead sprint!

Step 1) Come up with a design that you can ‘scale?. Scaling does not mean how many you can sell to just one niche, rather how many niches can you sell ONE design in. IF I have design that says ?Uncles are awesome!?and it converts, how can I scale it to replace the word ?Uncles?with another niche? I can think of 100s of things to replace that word. ?Uncles are awesome?. That is ‘scale?, same design, 100s of niches.

Visual representation of ‘scale?as these are all different niches with the same designs.

And here is the visual representation of the shirts selling:

1 idea, 1 design that worked, 1 scaled out campaign. Once you nail this down, and this clicks ?it’s just like printing money.

Step 2) Set up your listing with simple ad copy (here is their FAQ, launching is easy) I feel like less is more here. Just make sure you overcome one of their biggest objections and that is ?can I trust this website to send money too??. I just put in the copy that payments are secured by: PP, Visa MasterCard, the name of the shirt, and that is it.

Step 3) Create a post on a Facebook Fanpage so that you can run an advertisement to it. Don’t over think this part please, I spend maybe 5 minutes setting this up. Create page, upload image, write short ad copy, and then move to step 4. Looks something like this:

Step 4) Create a custom audience so that we can perform sequenced marketing to the traffic if warranted (I cover sequenced marketing in Step 7). This is where I see a lot of people leaving money on the table.

In the advanced training, I show you real examples, numbers, and ad copy on how I ?tell my stories?to the audience.

Using ?pattern interrupt?, the NLP technique I mentioned earlier. Not to get nerdy and wordy, the basics are this:

We know they?ve seen our ad, they expect us to advertise some more, they?ve seen ALL kinds of boring and bland basic ?re-targeting? ads. These ads use use to be a form pattern interrupt on their own when the practice first started years ago.

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