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Ryan Stewart – Webris Project Management System


Published on: December 10, 2020
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Course Content


This is so much MORE than just a project management tool and it’s different than
anything else on the market. Let’s run through exactly how it works.

Everything you (and your team) needs to know about how to manage large scale client campaigns, broken down into short, easy to watch videos.

Leverage the powerful automations, APIs and apps of Google Drive and Sheets

Work in real time – STOP chasing down “latest vestion” of files and trackers

Cancel TONS of your expensive software – we’ll show you how to use the Google Suite to manage your entire agency, free

Each of our Google Sheets files serve their own purpose for managing your agency.
We’ve turned these Google Sheets files into software by allowing them “talk” to each
other, allowing hands free management of your files.

Quickly add templated project plans and assign them to team members. Add new clients into the mix with a few clicks.

Stay on top of client deliverables and action items. Automated client status reporting.

Stop chasing status updates from your team using our “task, deliverable, action” framework.

Syncs with “Central project tracking file” to automatically pull in your clients, team members and project plans.

Built specifically to high volume outreach campaigns across hundreds of active clients.

Syncs with “Client trackers” to automatically push reports about campaign status and live links secured.

Load up your plan into the content calendar and easily oversee the creation of outlines, drafts, images and live posts.

Automatically push live content to “Client tracker” files to cut down on communications.

When you “add” a new client to your “Central project tracking file”, our tool automatically creates a file to track progress.

All of the files work in unison to push updates to the “Client trackers”.

Hands free reporting of published content, live links, tasks completed and open “action items” (in real time).

Step by step trainings from Ryan Stewart on how he manages agency projects

Learn how to manage tasks, deliverables, action items, clients, staff and more

The videos are built for “hands free” training of your next project manager. Allow us to do the heavy lifting.

Our tool set makes new client onboarding, project tracking and reporting a breeze.
Using the power of Google Sheets, we’ve automated large portion of your busy work.


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