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Ryan Stewman – Break Free Academy


Published on: December 14, 2020
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Celebrity Real Estate Coach &

Bestselling Sales Author Reveals

A Secret ?Stash? Of Hundreds Of Exclusive Buyer/Seller Leads Who Are So Hot They Seek YOU Out?

And, Who Are So Qualified? They’re Often Ready To Buy From You Before You Even Talk To Them!

  • Taught to real estate celebrities who work on TV ?including stars who have appeared on the smash hit show Million Dollar Listings
  • Used by hundreds of real estate pros to as much as triple their incomes and build big teams? while working just a few hours per week in their businesses ? including people who couldn’t sell their way out of a paper bag before, but are now multi-millionaires
  • Zero technical skills required – if you can turn on your computer? you can get these leads who are (right now, while you’re reading this) waiting to hear from you
  • Works fast – have a constant flow of dozens of these buyer/seller leads within the next 48-hours and hundreds more in the next 30 days, all coming in 24/7 like clockwork

?Break Free Academy Digital?

Here’s just a small taste of what it teaches inside:

  • An ?almost magic? phrase you can say the first time you talk to a lead that will get them wanting to work with you (and ONLY you) right out the gate! (Best part: works like crazy even for brand new agents who have trouble closing deals.)

  • How to get your sleazy competitors (without them even knowing it) to help you get more leads for YOUR business! (Simply follow my instructions and they become like your unpaid interns generously making you deals day and night.)

  • The ?Shawshank Redemption? secret for turning friends, strangers, and even competitors into dozens of hot, ready to buy/sell leads that are 100% eager to work ONLY with you. (This is something prison convicts do to stay alive and out of trouble – yet, not 1 in 100 so-called experts even knows about it. But you will if you get my system while it’s still available to the public?)

  • A little-known way to follow up with hundreds of leads per day even if you stay in bed or are out playing golf with your friends. (Just set aside 2 minutes in the morning and in the evening to do this and you’re done. If you want to scale your business and blow right past the $20k-$30k ceiling while having MORE free time, this is how you do it.)

  • A quickie ?crash course? for making the Internet your own, personal 24/7 lead-g


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