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Ryan Tate – FB AD Campaign $1k System Monthly


Published on: December 14, 2020
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?You’re Just Moments Away From Discovering Exactly How I Turn $6 Into $31.96 Payments Over And Over Again On Facebook, And How You Can Do The Same As Early As Today!?
A Proven Winning Offer!

I’m about to hand you the keys to a profitable Facebook ad I’m running.
It’s very rare that someone would be willing to give you a profitable campaign for you to instantly swipe and replicate.
Most times when you hop on the warrior forum the things that people are selling don’t actually work as described from my experience.
So I want to do something different.
This is my first real product based WSO so I wanted to give you something actually works.
This is something that I’m actually doing right now to make money for myself.
I have big plans for launching more products here on the warrior forum so I want to start off correct.
Make Money In The Hardest Niche Possible…

I’m going to give you a profitable Facebook campaign that I’m currently running in the health and fitness niche.
Not only am I going to give you the ad copy, the image I used, but I’m also going to give you the exact landing page I’m using for you to download and also the exact targets that I’m targeting.
Today alone I have sent $6 worth of Facebook traffic and have already made $31.96.
This is something anyone can do.
Here’s Exactly What You Get!

You will need your own hosting account to host the landing page I give you.
If you don’t have a hosting account I will recommend one to you.
Now if you’re thinking $31.96 is not a lot of money…I agree it’s not.
That was just the results I got before 10am. Before the day is out I’m positive the campaign will have made more ?
Now I do have other profitable campaigns that I run daily that I reserve to share only with my mastermind clients.
I want to be brutally honest with you… I want you to be able to take this campaign go make money with it so you will be 100% inclined to come back and purchase more products or campaigns from me at a later date.

So what I’m going to do is prepare a live video case study breaking down this campaign. This video will be uploaded in a member’s area for you to login and view over and over again.
It will break down everything about my profitable campaign for you to see and begin immediately implementing.
You see I’ve already spent my hard earned money testing and tweaking the landing pages, the ad copy, the offer it redirects to…
I’ve totally eliminated any human variable for you to not be able to make money profitably promoting this offer.
I do hope that you can take the information I’m going to give to you in this live case study video training and multiply it many many times over in other niches and markets.
This live case study campaign was also done in the health and fitness niches which is one of the hardest niches to get into and make work at a profit if you’re just starting out.


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