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Same Night Sex System – Vince Kelvin


Published on: December 10, 2020
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Course Content


Table of Contents/ List of Topics Covered:

? Developing Foundation
? How to have the essential attitudes required of any master seducer
? How to have a proper Mindset
? Mechanics to Maker her Moan
? Mysterious and Magnetic Manifestation
? The 4 critical responses you can get from women
? The ?Power Assumptions?
? How to adopt the ?I?m Going to Get laid Tonight?
? Why Objections are something to look forward to
? Seduction Gold Nuggets
? Sexual Screening
? How to Sexually Qualify and Open from the Start
? Creating Sexual Tension
? The Zen-like balance of being forward and Laid back
? Sexual and Sub-sexual themes without apology
? How to unchain her wild side
? From arousal to naughty action
? When to shut your mouth and take her the way she wants to be taken
? How to be her sexual captain
? Practical logistics
? The three magic words you want to hear
? Becoming the hero of your own romance novel
? How to get her to think and Quickly act
? How to use fun games and role playing to escalate her desire for you


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