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Sandler Sales Training – President’s Club Training


Published on: December 14, 2020
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The President’s Club is the mainstay of Sandler? sales training. It is the ongoing, professional development program that teaches and reinforces advanced sales strategies and tactics that enable sales professionals in a wide variety of industries-both selling tangible products and intangible services-to sell more…and sell more easily.

Learning, developing and mastering new skills and behaviors takes time, practice and guidance, and that’s exactly what you get from President’s Club training. With Sandler Training you’re not alone. Your Sandler trainer is at your side providing coaching, encouragement and feedback as you learn to apply our proven sales strategies and tactics to your business environment.

Not only will you have access to your dedicated coach, you’ll enjoy the opportunity to network and share your experiences with other President’s Club members. We know you’ll find the insights and support of other club members to prove invaluable in enhancing your career.

Each participant-centered training session provides you with the concept, knowledge and understanding of the topic as it applies to your specific selling situation. Through appropriate exercises, role-plays and specialized training, you’ll refine your sales-development plan, practice advanced sales strategies and techniques in a safe environment, and develop your skills before interacting with prospects and customers.

Still not convinced? Browse through a short list of our sales training videos to see an example of the quality of training you can expect from Sandler.


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