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Scott Bolan – Mental Warfare Secrets


Published on: December 14, 2020
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Dear Friend,

Listen. I don’t care what you think you might know about Mind Control and Mental Warfare –


Maybe you think such a thing doesn’t even exist. If so, you’re wrong. Dead wrong! And, I can prove it to you. Here’s why:

By now you’ve heard of Ninja Mind Control, Black Ops, Seduction, Neuro-Linguistic Programming), Kahuna, Remote Viewing, Hypnosis, etc. Scott Bolan has done it ALL and distilled it down to

Quick Kill Methods of Instant Hypnotic Domination over ANYONE!

You’ve probably heard of Scott Bolan, the creator and founder of Warrior Hypnosis.

He’s also the Fighting Secrets and Life Mastery guy you read about in these magazines all the time, or you’ve heard his interviews in the media. He’s in big demand, and rightfully so.

You see, Scott has done it all in the field of Martial Arts and Combatives – CQC, Ju Jitsu & Jeet Kune Do Instructor, multiple Black Belts and Certified Law Enforcement Trainer.

He’s had unparalleled success and heads up a Worldwide organization! But get this –

The Night My Life Changed Forever

After a grueling night of sparring against multiple attackers under Scott’s expert instruction, he decided to take the ?Fight Club? out for pizza.

It’s AMAZING to me that a guy like this can be so down-to-earth and human, considering the superhuman things he can do!

Want to know what I’m talking about? Read on friend, read on…

We arrived at the new pizza joint across town. The place was packed! The hostess says ?I’m sorry, but it’s a 45 minute wait to get a table.

Scott steps in front of her, looks into her eyes and slightly smiles. There is three seconds of silence and then she says ?y’know what, I’ll just go clear you a table right away.

As she walked away, she kept turning back and gazing at Scott like she was in heat!

Now keep in mind, none of us had been to this place before and we didn’t know any people there.

I noticed all the women seem to be staring at Scott like deer caught in the headlights. The men are all giving him respectful nods and stepping back to clear a path for him.

Finally, I decided to check it out for myself. I stepped up to a guy at the bar and pointed at Scott and asked ‘do you know who that is?? The guy said ?No, but he’s the man isn’t he?? How did Scott

Radiate Unstoppable Confidence and Magnetize Everyone In The Room

Before the end of the night, no less than three hot vixens (including the waitress) had stuffed their phone numbers into Scott’s hand, and he had barely said a word to them! He tossed the numbers to us – it was no big deal to him at all!

And, he had two attorneys, a broker and a realtor at our table buying us drinks and begging to invest bucks into one of his enterprises!

Does this all sound unreal, like something out of a movie? Well guess what, it’s not. I was there and I can tell you in no uncertain terms: It’s All Real.

You see, after YEARS of studying just about everything, Scott got fed up and decided to only teach the

TRUE and INSTANT Methods of Getting Anything You Want From Anybody!

I asked Scott ?how do you do it?? ?Do what?? he said. ?Y’know, magnetize people like that??

Scott said ?I don’t intend to do it. It just simply is. Water doesn’t intend to go where it goes – it doesn’t ‘try? to go where it goes – it just goes there! And, like water…

I Go Wherever I Want and I Get Whatever I Want

…and you can do the same thing? I was astounded! Me? Do the same thing? OH MY GOD!

So he began to train me in Warrior Hypnosis. He showed me how to buy a car (I was completely broke at the time) and how to get my boss to raise my salary, all within a week. I did what he said AND IT WORKED!



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