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Scott Bolan – Money Sex and Power 2015


Published on: December 10, 2020
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Dear Friend,

I can hardly contain my excitement!

There I was in the Lodge just outside of Dallas, TX, at the home of the man who practically CREATED the entire PUA / Seduction / Men’s empowerment movement, Dr. Yates J. Canipe. Even casual conversation with this man will increase your life force and power with amazing knowledge and skills that are second nature to him (it’s effortless!) Then, GET THIS…. He said a friend named Scott Bolan was coming to give a weekend presentation for a group of his Inner Circle Members. A moment later his friend Scott Bolan, The Master Warrior himself, walked into the room!

Within minutes showed us how to do magical things other people only dream about!

I’m not talking hocus-pocus theory here, I’m talking real-world how-to that actually WORKS!!!

Things like how to.

? Make them want to give YOU money! (so much better than and easier this way!)

? The one secret thing that causes Markets to move (knowing this gives YOU the advantage)

? How to see into the future!

? How to make them beg

? Why they don’t return your calls. (and a simple method to make sure they will)

? The basis of POWER and how to have more than you’ll ever need

? 3 Unfair Methods to provoke the response you want from someone – every time!

? Why people think everything is bullshit (and how to stop it in advance)


? How to remove self-imposed mental blocks

. and more!

Within an hour, one student jumped up and said

“This is better than Tony Robbins on steroids!? (You’ll see them jumping for joy and saying things like this for yourself, right on the videos!!) The Master Warrior is a Bruce Lee for the brain! First, he showed us VERBATIM, step-by-step and word-for-word, the key principle of POWERFUL Attraction and Seduction.

No power means you’re basically “limp?, and it’s why they don’t return your calls. The Master Warrior also shows you how to get them to call you instead!!!!

And then step-by-step, he showed us how to turn ANY idea for just about anything you know or can think of into a massive cash-flow, turn-around a business, and agitate for attraction!!!

Yes, I’ll say it again: agitate for attraction.

Yup. Agitation is the Key #1 to stimulation and desire. Agitation is the “psychic wake-up? that MUST occur for anything fun to happen – sex, money, sales, you name it!

When you know how to do this, and add it to the other 2 Keys (there are 3). you BECOME UNSTOPPABLE!

This principle is so powerful, so strong, so absolutely concrete drop-dead workable, that once you learn it you’ll be jumping for joy as if you just won the lottery for a million bucks!

Or better yet, a Pamela Anderson look-alike wants to give YOU a million bucks and be your willing love-slave!

Do you think I’m kidding? I’m not kidding in the slightest.

You see, one thing The Master Warrior does is show YOU how These are the most powerful secrets I have ever seen! It had me saying things like

? TRUE ‘Black Magic’ Secrets to easily SEDUCE ANYONE!

? How to Break Down the Walls of Resistance in your own mind, in their mind, and MAKE MONEY MAGICALLY

? How to “trick? your own brain into instant cash-and-sex empowerment (stuff that works)

The Master Warrior is unlike ANY other Guru, Coach, Trainer, PUA, etc, etc, whatever you want to call it Why?

Because he knows what REALLY works and how SHOWS YOU HOW, he does what he says he can do, he’s a friend to the end (he doesn’t bullshit you in any way and is not an egomaniac).

He’s the real deal, and thousands of students (and haters) know it. Haters? Yep.

People who are jealous if you make money or get laid. And people who are shallow, snickering, negative and envious people, and EMASCULAT


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