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Scott Oldford – Leadcraft


Published on: December 14, 2020
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LeadCraft is a ground-breaking, battle-tested approach to lead generation that’s helped over 1,000 entrepreneurs (and counting) generate explosive results in their businesses, and has traditional online marketing ?gurus? shaking in their boots.

It’s a 12-week program that delivers everything you need to know, step-by-step, to create 3 high-powered online marketing funnels that will amplify lead generation for your business?

The EXACT steps you need to take to implement them?

HOW TO optimize and fine-tune them?

And blow up your bottom line.

No more endless guessing, tinkering and tweaking, hoping you stumble over the ONE THING that’ll finally work.

Just solid results.

Under the watchful eye and super-supportive guidance of the LeadCraft team of experts, you’ll develop a live, working online marketing funnel and get it performing for your business.

Based on an innovative approach to online marketing thoroughly tested by more than 1,000 entrepreneurs, the LeadCraft program will guide you through the process of developing the 3 fundamental funnels you need based on the three different types of leads – Sidewalk, Slow Lane, and Fast Lane – easily and effectively.

More specifically, LeadCraft is a comprehensive blueprint for creating high-performing marketing funnels, from start to finish

Based on the SSF Method, the program is delivered through a series of video tutorials, assessments, cheat sheets and resources, giving you everything you need to develop your funnel’s strategy, launch and execution.

Starting with?

1. Funnel Fundamentals

Your journey starts with the fundamentals behind being able to develop an effective marketing funnel using the SSF Method and the Funnels 2.0 methodology.

You’ll discover:

This module is all about establishing the foundation you need to create a successful funnel, and that’s what I’ll show you how to do.

Next, we’ll dive into?

2. Business Secrets

Online marketing and lead generation only work if your business works. Which means you need to spend time ensuring that your business is actually ready for lead generation – something most of the ?gurus? don’t even whisper about.

That’s why I’ll share:

This module will help you understand the consequences of overlooking some of the most vital components of a successful marketing funnel.

Next, we’ll dive into?

3. Conversion Methods

New qualified leads are great?but totally useless if they don’t turn into paying customers!

You’ll learn:

Be ready in this module to dive head-first into the deeper pieces of your marketing funnel – you’ll come away with full knowledge how well it will work.

Then, once you’ve got the foundation in place, you need to start attracting people into your funnel.

That’s what’s coming up next?

4. Attraction Methods

Did you know the majority of entrepreneurs don’t get their lead magnets right? And, if you’re using the wrong attraction method, everything breaks down and online marketing just won’t work.

That’s why I’ll walk you through:

This module will reveal why what you’ve been taught so far about creating lead magnets is wrong, and how to create kick-ass opt-ins your people will itch for.

When completed, you’ll have a selection of finished and reviewed lead magnets read


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