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Scott Sonnon – Bad45 System


Published on: December 14, 2020
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Expressed in one way or another, I’ve listened to these legitimate challenges from tens of thousands of my clients from around the world, regardless of nationality. They’re all equally exasperated with the current options available to them. Believe me, I can relate. The busier you are, the harder you work, the more stressed you get, and the more travel you must do, the more difficult exercise becomes… but the more crucial for survival.

Although all of my clients weren’t obese like I was as a kid, and many aren’t coming off of serious injuries such as those I faced in competitive fighting. But they’re fatigued by having to deal with the slippery slope of age, work, travel and physical decline.

It seemed to them, that they felt ?normal? but one day (and it really only felt like a couple weeks had passed), they went from being slightly unfit from the teeter-totter of taking a break to SUDDENLY realizing they had fallen in a pit with no idea how to climb out.

The HARDEST PART OF ALL? Even those who work their butts off trying to course-correct their fitness, get hormonally-derailed by pop fat-loss schemes, and physiologically ?insane? exercise programs. Don’t get me started on ‘sketchy? supplements and media darling ?guarantees…

Combine these ill-routed efforts, and you create a hormonal-environment which feels worse than being ?out of shape? – instead, stress chemistry makes them feel lethargic and incompetent; like they’re making excuses, rationalizing their ?failures? and frankly, beginning to feel that maybe everyone is right, and they’re just getting ?old.

Let’s look at the legitimate statistics, and YOU connect the dots:­

According to a recent audio Report, only 1 in 5 Americans get proper exercise.

~ 73% of Americans report working out at least 1/week; 27% of Americans report working out 20 minutes/day
~ 64% of Americans are either obese or very overweight; 36% of Americans get proper exercise
~ 3 out of 100 people feel that they’re in great shape… 3%!

Let’s translate this to a bottom-line: Those who workout for 20 minutes per day get proper exercise and aren’t obese or very overweight. There is some spill-over (about 9% who have biochemical issues which must be understood better) but let’s look at this 20 minute phenomenon more closely.

For the people who achieve the results they want,
~ it’s not about genetics (I’ve trained the most crisis stressed vocations in human history, many of them as genetically disadvantaged as myself);
~ It’s not the about the best gym (oh, you can sometimes find ?it? there, but you can, with greater likelihood find it in your own home, hotel or workspace – where you ACTUALLY LIVE.)
~ It’s not about money (I’ve trained billionaires with the same troubles as everyone else – and I’ve worked with homeless who reclaim their fitness, and their lives as a result.);
~ It’s not even about motivational level (I’ve worked with best-selling self-help authors and renowned motivational speakers who are in abysmal physical shape; and I’ve trained people with depression and anxiety and aided in stabilizing their biochemistry.


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