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Sean Michael Andrews – Instant and Rapid Inductions


Published on: December 14, 2020
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Back in 2009 when I filmed and released the two-volume set, ?Instant and Rapid Inductions?, it was considered one of the best hypnosis products on the market. Soon, the 2-video set became the best selling instant hypnosis video on and hundreds of copies of the product have been shipped to six continents. (Still haven’t cracked that Antarctica market yet!).

Yay! We can finally throw out those long and boring progressive muscle relaxation inductions! Sean Michael Andrew s Instant and Rapid Inductions has become permanent fixture in my hypnosis treasure trove. No matter what level of hypnosis training or experience one has, from the amateur hobby hypnotist to the more seasoned veterans, everyone can benefit from his videos and easily learn how to do these instant inductions and deepening techniques. This set is a great value of 3 videos packed with expert information that I was able to really benefit from. Sean s teaching method is real world, down to earth, and easy to understand. It s so much fun to watch, that I found myself nodding my head and laughing along with him. Most hypnosis trainings videos I have seen in the past have the instructor standing in a room in front of a white board teaching to a room of bored students. (This is not that, thankfully!) Sean is so genuine, I was engaged by him from the moment I started watching and found myself wanting more when it was over. Sean s video moves fluently as the shots cut from him in a classroom setting, to office setting, to out in the real world performing these techniques on perfect strangers in a park. There are enough tight shots to really see the techniques up close for a better understanding of what he is doing. (For instance, seeing the Ambiguous Touch close up finally gave me an true understanding of how to properly do this technique.) That s another way these videos are set apart from the other lesser ones out there, in addition to his charm and teaching style. I only endorse hypnosis products I believe in and can stake my reputation on, and I feel so confident of the value of Sean s teachings that I fully recommend and suggest this product to anyone who desires to quickly advance in hypnotic knowledge. Let the World s Fastest Hypnotist reveal to you how he does it!


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