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Secret Formulas School of Advertising


Published on: December 14, 2020
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In 1998, a 12-tape video series featuring The Wizard of Ads was made available to advertising professionals around the globe. Since then, exactly 1,427 copies of that series have been shipped. This is not that series, but a significantly updated replacement for it. A tremendous value for the money.

This video library includes:

Session 1 – What is Selling? and The Three Worlds of Business
The Wizard’s first Secret Formula explains how to define selling, a term that has come to mean numerous things over the years. You will also learn how to begin analyzing your clients’ businesses, as well as your own, after hearing The Wizard’s classic updated discussion of The Three Worlds of Business: the world of the executive office (your vision), the world inside your door (customers’ experience), and the world outside your door (advertising and reputation).

Session 2 – The Uncovery Part I – The Sword in the Stone
The Uncovery Part II – How Long is the Time Horizon
No person or business can gain a true understanding of who they are or what they stand for from the inside. In other words, it is impossible to read the label from inside of the bottle. The most crucial stage in consulting is called the Uncovery. During this meeting, your Sword in the Stone, your business’s core, is unearthed. Then, and only then, can a powerful advertising campaign be developed that will shake the earth and bring the masses running. Once the campaign is launched, results will continue to improve exponentially, as long as you can stand to weather the ‘chickening-out period,’ which usually comes somewhere between invoice 2 and invoice 3.

Session 3 – The Uncovery Part III – Targeting Relationally or Transactionally
This never before recorded discussion teaches how transactional and relational customers vary greatly in their purchasing habits. Both are valuable customer bases, but most companies have trouble determining who they’re speaking to, and who they should be speaking to. Which type of customer does your business attract? Are you speaking to the dog in the language of the dog?

Session 4 – The Uncovery Part IV – Business Topology
Henry Ford did not revolutionize his industry by looking at what other automakers were doing. General Mills did not overhaul their production process based on other cereal companies. Only by looking outside of their industries to parallel but unrelated businesses did these companies find the principles to launch themselves to the top. Learn about Business Topology and shatter your old ways of thinking and standard practices.


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