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Sedona Method – New Ultimate Freedom Program


Published on: December 14, 2020
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For years our most advanced seminar was our 9-Day Ultimate Freedom Retreats and now you can experience both the video and the audio from the last one. This magnificent event transformed the lives of over 150 people and now it can do the same for you.

The Ultimate Freedom Online Video and Audio Seminar will open you to the field of unlimited possibility that is shining in plain view simply waiting for you to awaken to its joyous beauty and wonder. This field, some people call this the field of dreams, is much more than that. It is beyond any dream or expectation yet allows for the ultimate fulfillment of all that matters.

This field exists beyond the mind, beyond our hopes and dreams, beyond our concepts and beliefs and beyond any sense of limitation. This field at the same time gives life to all that appears.

Since it is already here, you do not need to achieve it, earn it, deserve it, understand it, find it, break through to it, or even know it’s there. You simply can awaken to this field in any moment. I will personally guide you to experience this field of unlimited possibilities.

As you leave the hassles and stresses and demands of your everyday life behind, you will experience:
Dissolving Resistance and Surrendering to the Flow
Tapping the Healing and Liberating Power of Love
Seeing Through Your Core Limitations
You Are Enough
The Exquisiteness of Simply Being
What is Beyond the Limitations of Time and Space
Opening to The Wonder of Now
…and Much More

As you explore this wonderful seminar you will…
? Discover what is actually here now, beyond all the mental noise
? Learn how to dissolve even long-standing beliefs about yourself
? How to experience a profound sense of quiet even when surrounded by noise
? How to let go of the expectations that are preventing you from living fully and being happy
? Discover what is here beyond the filters and spin of your mind
? How the river of life is already carrying you through all situations
? How intuitive knowingness and clear reason are always available to us in every situation
? Learn what is beyond a quiet mind
? Discover the power of welcoming what is
And much more…


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