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Published on: December 14, 2020
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It teaches you how to build an initial list of about 300 people, then sell them the product that has not yet been created (get paid in advance for creating your product), and then create that product WITH your audience. That way you can be sure the product is a perfect match for the market and will later practically sell itself.

This is usually done by delivering teleseminars or webinars, maybe 5 or 6, on a weekly basis. Every week you will deliver content, answer questions and then survey your audience about what they want to learn the following week.

If you would like to know more, download the prelaunch folder only and watch those two videos first to decide.

Also included: ? Audio Versions of the core training for your convenience ? uncheck to save ratio if you?d rather have video only (or the other way round) ? A tutorial for working with lead pages to get that initial list growth going ? Two case studies of successful seed launches ? Swipe files for emails and surveys ? 9 Q&A calls where Jeff, his brother Jon Walker and his Product Launch Coach Mark Evans answer questions from students.

Jeff Walker?s Description:

I love Seed Launches for two things. the first is for starting out from scratch. I love love love using a Seed Launch to start a business. It?s my standard default plan whenever I start something new.

The second thing I use a Seed Launch for is when I want to roll out a new product for an existing business, and I want to test the offer and learn exactly what type of product/offer I need to create.

In both cases, you get paid BEFORE you actually deliver the product. That?s pretty cool. And you basically co-create the product with your new clients, which makes it a LOT easier.

As you can probably tell, I?m a big fan of Seed Launches. That?s why I?m so excited about the Deep Dive. I can?t wait to hear the success stories that are going to come out of this training.


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