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Selena Soo – Get Known, Get Clients


Published on: December 10, 2020
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6 Months of Training Classes

6 Online Coaching Sessions – We’ll start the course with an Orientation webinar, where I’ll share my personal strategies to help you be successful in the course. You’ll get four LIVE Q&A webinars over the course of the program, where you can get personalized coaching from me – so you can get clients and recognition in even less time, and get moving fast. Our final training module will help you and I celebrate your successes together!

12 In-Depth Training Modules – Every month, two training modules will take you through the step-by-step Get Known, Get Clients system. You’ll have two weeks for implementation between each class – and lifetime access, so you can go through the course on your own schedule.

Lifetime Access – We’ve designed this program so you can complete it in just 6 months. Want to go slower? That’s fine! You have lifetime access to the material, so you can pick it back up, review your favorite modules, and go through the course at your own best pace.

Proven Email Scripts, Worksheets, and Special Resources – After over thousands of hours of testing, research, and real-world experience, we’ve thought out every possible roadblock to taking action. You’ll get over 40 resources (including word-for-word scripts, step-by-step processes, and more) so you can jump in with confidence. Students have said that the resources alone are worth the entire value of the program!

Many entrepreneurs tell me, “I’m willing to do whatever it takes to build a successful business. I’m just not sure what steps to take! I need someone to help me and give me a road map.”

In Get Known, Get Clients, you’ll get the step-by-step system that’s helped students across the world get clients consistently – and become seen as go-to experts.

Module 1 – Discover Your Ideal Clients and Their Burning Pains + Desires (So You Can Create Offerings They’ll Invest Big In)

In Module 1, you’ll learn how to identify your ideal clients and target market, and how to get clear on their deepest needs. This will help you to create offerings they’ll be ready to invest big in.

Module 2 – Develop Irresistible Offerings for Consistently High Monthly Income

You’ll create a strong business model where you’re adding tremendous value and giving your target market exactly what they want to buy from you. I’ll show you how to choose which of 3 business models is right for your coaching, consulting, or service business – and how to price your valuable offerings.

Module 3 – Get Dream Clients to Say “Yes!” to Your Packages, Services, and Programs

You’ll learn how to find prospective clients (both in person and online), and invite them into sales conversations. You’ll get the mindset shifts, talking points, and psychology behind sales calls, so you feel confident and natural in these conversations – even if you’re nervous or have never done it before.

Module 4 – Get Other People to Send Ideal Clients to You

In this module, you’ll learn exactly how to find the best referral partners, a


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