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Published on: December 14, 2020
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SEO Zen software is designed to make niche website creation and site siloing (site structure ; more on this later) a quick and easy job. On top of that, SEOZen makes content creation for your new niche website click button easy by allowing you to generate highly related articles that are completely unique and readable within minutes.

But, does the software live up to the hype?

The creator Alex Becker claims that you can setup niche websites that are structured with a silo structure that ?Google loves?, but what is ?siloing? all about anyway?

Siloing is when you divide your site into related ?silos? that all contain related information that builds trust and authority all the way up to the top of the silo which is your most competitive keyword. This structure passes link juice up from the bottom of your silo all the way to the top and build the authority of your site in Googles eyes.

Example :
Top of Silo = Dog Training
3 Articles in the silo = Dog training with treats, police dog training, German Shepard dog training
***This is taught in the SEO Zen training, and thoroughly in the SEO Zen Enlightenment upsell!
As soon as the software does the site structure it moves to content creation where it uses article directories to find highly related content and then pairs it with related Youtube videos as well. Finally, since these are typically going to be affiliate sites SEO Zen pro will automatically add your affiliate link to each post in a spot that is proven to get people to click.
Finally, you have the opportunity to spin the articles to make them more unique. If you dont like the idea of using other peoples content you can always pay for articles or use Article Builder.
How long does all that take
From start to finish it only takes about 2 hours. Here are the steps I took when I created my first website with SEO zen Pro
1) Install software on WP site
2) Add keywords in your order of choice (top of silo or silo article)
3) Click a few buttons and generate content/ Add videos / Monetize page
4) Spin articles using some spinning software
5) Add a few pictures
What else should I know Upsells
Yes, there is an upsell, and yes, I am suggesting you get it for a few reasons. This SEO training, SEO Enlightenment is like nothing I have ever watched before. Alex Becker gets on video and he breaks down a whole new side of SEO that I have never really thought of.
Instead of grabbing the same keywords millions of other competitors are going after, Alex will teach you how to find super juicy keywords that drive massive traffic with very little competition. If that sounds too good to be true, I know what youre thinking. Your BS meter is going crazy right now, but if you take my word and grab the Enlightenment youll see what Im talking about!
What I like –
Quick and easy to use
FULL 30+ page niche site in a day
Monetizes each page automatically
Silo structure and linking made SUPER easy


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