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Seva Samadhi Tsiompani – Hatha & Vinyasa Flow Yoga for Beginners! Earth Yoga


Published on: December 10, 2020
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Learn how to bring ALL benefits of Yoga into your own Life, effectively & effortlessly! Start FEELING FREE with Yoga!

Hatha & Vinyasa Yoga For Beginners, is not just another typical Yoga program. This amazing yoga course
includes a lot of different other systems such as Pilates, Karana Yoga, Restorative poses, Sotai Yoga,Yoga Nidra and more! It is my firm belief that we humans are an integral part of Nature and that?s why I wanted to share this course with you in the outdoors, right in the heart of Nature! This way you will balance mentally and physically rediscovering
your inner path!

?Earth Yoga Course? is the final part in a series of three introductory Yoga Courses. There are two more parts in the series, the Sea Yoga Course and the Green Yoga Course.The EARTH YOGA course is divided into two parts. The first part is intended for beginner level students. Beginners will first deal with the 3 Basic Breathings,the Karanas and the Deep Relaxation. The second part is intended for intermediate level students.Intermediate students can do all the lectures in the course. The goal of this course is to understand your body!

We?ll start off by the main Earth Yoga Course. In this Special Vinyasa Flow lesson, we?ll begin with Karana Yoga, a special therapeutic warm up for the arms,shoulders and hands, that prepares the body for the Yoga Asanas! We will continue with the Kneeling & Reverse position Asanas. With these Asanas we will empower our entire body, particularly the shoulders and hands!With Vinyasa Flow For Beginners we will additionally strengthen our legs and we?ll improved the flexibility of our hips and legs!

We will then move on to the 3 Basic Breathing Exercises! There, we will learn how to properly practice these 3 Breathings i.e. the Rhythmic Abdominal, the Natural Abdominal and the Full Yoga Breathing. The purpose of these breathing techniques is to learn how to distinguish the rhythmic Abdominal Breathing from the Natural Abdominal Breathing and also how to experience the benefits of the Full Breathing!

We will then deal with the Philosophy of Yoga and we?ll learn about the meaning of ?Namaste?. We will also learn about the Gunas, also known as the 3 Frequencies of Energy!

Finally, we will implement everything we?ve learned with lots of practical exercises and custom Yoga Routines!

In this Special Vinyasa Flow lesson, you?ll learn how to:

? Release all accumulated tensions that everyday stress produces, that particularly exist in our neck and back, by doing the Special Therapeutic exercises, the Karanas!

? Empower your entire body, particularly the shoulders and hands,with the Asana Poses!

? Improve the flexibility of your hips and legs, with the Vinyasa Flow for Beginners!

? Prepare your body, for the more difficult and demanding Yoga Asanas!


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