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SEVEN-7 Figure Business Building Event


Published on: December 14, 2020
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Having the first shower at home after traveling is like heaven isn’t it?   I love to travel but dammit I like my own bath products! Last week I had the  pleasure of being part of the SEVEN community and transforming my wedding business. Four days. One Decision. Seven Figures!

What is SEVEN?

You know it’s kinda hard to describe.   I called it a business building conference when I was explaining to my hubby on Monday why I’d be leaving Tuesday to spend the rest of week  and weekend in DC. (as in, would you like to grow your wedding biz to 7 figures?)

But when I got there I realized it a more nuanced experience.  Sure, the partners shared very effective marketing and sales strategies, which I saw  applied at the event, but it was  also an empowerment event, where we were encouraged to look for our best selves, commit to it and use that to drive our businesses.

You know I’m all about transparency in thought and words.  So, it’s fair to say  I’m torn about my SEVEN experience.  It pushed my buttons-hard.  Yet I have to admit I grew from it, thanks in large part to new friends like Matthew, Mary and Abi who helped me push through my resistance and make real discoveries about my mindset.  It reminded me of getting my kids to eat veggies- One bite.  Don’t say you don’t like it until after you’ve had one bite.

Absolutely great marketing and sales advice, though.  And, I came away, thanks to Bari, with a plan for the negotiation event I’m sponsoring this January (more details to come Mass wedding pros).   Blue showed me how to grow much more quickly on Facebook.  Honestly, I left so excited to share what I learned with you.  Did I agree with every concept or how it was presented, no.  But that shouldn’t stop me or you from putting their proven knowledge to work for our wedding businesses.

SEVEN is an unprecedented, ground-breaking event for entrepreneurs, solo-practitioners, small business owners, speakers, marketers, authors, coaches, visionaries and thought leaders who who are TIRED of looking for the marketing magic bullet and simply want to learn how to make money while helping others… A group of about 180 talented, caring, interesting folks got together to learn how to create consistent income and enormous growth in our businesses from marketing, sales and video thought leaders, Suzanne Evans, Bari Baumgardner, David Neagle, Blue Melnick.

Wanna peek inside of a high level marketing mastermind?  Grab your Backstage Pass and enjoy insightful clips from our  week and the speaker competition, Ready for the Stage.

I was really inspired by what I heard. ( So much so, I got a idea for a new site & bought a new domain name while there!)  I am fired up and ready to go, as my favorite President says.  And, I want you to be fired up too.  I’m making BIG changes in 2011  and you can transform your wedding business, too.

For the first time ever- Positively Wed will be published daily!  Every day this week, I’ll share a new idea, concept, quote or talented entrepreneur who can help you take your business to the next level, whether that’s to 5,6 or 7 figures.  You’ll learn:

– How to enter the sales conversation & deal with objections, even the dreaded: I don’t have the money.
– Why you need to add video to your site and how to double your Facebook likes easily
– What it takes to do a luxury live event on a bargain budget
– What the heck is Infusionsoft and how it make your marketing painless

And, you’ll meet a lot of the wonderful people I met there.  Really good folks.  I’m furious with myself that I forgot to take more pictures.  Tomorrow, you’ll meet my friends, Melanie and Carrie who got the whole crazy week started. So come back!

You know what made me sad?  There were no other wedding entrepreneurs at this event.  And, I know some of you follow David and/or Suzanne.  Where’s the opportunity?  Why aren’t you trying to figure out your next passive income information product?  I see folks like Michelle Loretta with Simple Plan and Natalie Bradley with her Bride Attraction University making the most of leveraged income, but where’s everyone else?

You can sincerely help your brides and still make a very good income.  Those things are not mutually exclusive. I know it seems daunting.  So many new things to learn and do.  But what choice is there. Because, really, if you’re out of business (or wish you were), who can you help then?

The cost for the SEVEN videos, containing video from all 4 days of the event, (plus a binder with all the content and handouts from the event), is yours for just one payment of $997, or 4 easy equal monthly payments of $297.


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