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Shaun Spalding – Growth Hacking Kindle: How I-ll Gain 100 Sales in 30 Days


Published on: December 10, 2020
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Jumpstart your fiction eBook sales and get 100 sales WITHOUT an existing mailing list or website. Follow this journal

This course is a work in progress, so I will allow the first 1000 people in enrolled for a low price. I’d like for you to join me now for free and ask all of the questions you can because once I begin my daily journal, you’ll have to pay a much higher price

This course will allow you to jumpstart your Kindle ebook sales. My goal, which is a GIANT, INTIMIDATING, UNREALISTIC goal, is to get 100 sales on a fiction ebook within 30 days even though I don’t have an existing mailing list or a high traffic website.

I will be putting together a journal where you can look over my shoulder each day as I employ growth hacking techniques to reach this goal. Each day, I will recap what I did that day as well as the effect of what I had been doing the previous day. Everything will be an experiment.

Failure is an option

Even if I fail, which is likely, I hope that my attempt to fail big will give you information on what works and what doesn’t. I hope it also inspires and encourages you to take a leap of faith with your own art.

What’s most important to me is that people who are really passionate and who are willing to work hard get the information they need to be successful. That’s one reason why this journal is free. If I give back to the community, I’m sure that I will get back the kindness I give. And even if I fail, my failure will make you more successful.

Live and Personal

Once the journal starts, you’ll be able to follow me through the ups and downs of the 30 day challenge, you’ll be able to make suggestions in the discussion section of the course, and see how I overcome problems and obstacles along the way. Hopefully, this will show you exactly what to expect when you launch your projects.

Learn growth hacking done without a budget

I intend on spending no money on advertising and little to no money on additional help. This is to ensure that you can recreate whatever I do on an writer’s budget.

I’m very thankful for you joining me on this journey

Most of all, I really love writing fiction. I’ve been doing it for years. And if I can use my writing to help others and give you good ideas to monetize your own work, I’d like to do that.

Finally, I owe gratitude to Gobala Krishnan whose Udemy Growth Hacking course influenced me to create and structure this course in this way.
What are the requirements?

You should already know what Amazon and Kindle are
You should already have an idea for a book that you would like to turn into an eBook OR a completed book that you are considering self-publishing to get the most out of the course

What am I going to get from this course?

Over 22 lectures and 1 hour of content!
Learn best practices for selling fiction and non-fiction Kindle ebooks
Learn growth hacking techniques to increase your Amazon reviews and ebook sales quickly
Follow along with my 30 day journal seeing my success and failure as it happens

What is the target audience?

Anyone who is a writer who has considered self-publishing and wants to know how to set themselves up for success should take this course
Anyone looking for a get-rich-quick scheme or a ?one-size-fits-all? solution to selling ebooks may not succeed with this course



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