Simple Pickup – Project Go – Month 33 WHISKEY


Published on: December 14, 2020
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Name Product: Simple Pickup – Project Go – Month 33 WHISKEY
Size: 3.79 GB
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Author: Simple Pickup

Simple Pickup are three ordinary-looking Southern California guys – Jason, Jesse and Kong – who appear to be in their mid-20s. The slickly produced episodes are spent coming up with outrageous-yet-honest ways to flirt with women on the street in the pursuit of phone numbers, and they collect many of them. In the process they made me laugh more than a few times.

To get an understanding of their ?Jackass?-like stunts, just watch the opening seconds of the above video, where Jason gets on top of a cafe chair and shouts a random Internet meme, then uses it as an excuse to approach a girl.

The threesome also offer tips on how to talk to women, such as making eye contact. Just from Kong’s LOL-inducing impersonation of Mystery, I can see they’re well aware of the seduction community, and much like Jon Stewart, they straddle the line between entertainment and information. Their popularity is undeniable – they’ve got almost 130,000 subscribers.

So, do they get the GK stamp of approval? If I actually had a stamp?

I could make two reviews here: one review of Simple Pickup as entertainers, and one of them as role models on how to meet women. Because a Salon article with the headline, ?Are these the greatest pickup artists of all time?? and the stance that Simple Pickup videos are the answer to frustrated guys seeking help, is no small claim.

Ever picked up a girl while dressed as Harry Potter? These guys have.

The entertainment part is, well, simple: these guys are a riot. Unlike so many of the self-absorbed pickup dudes out there, they seem like normal, fun guys I’d enjoy hanging out with. They mix bravery, vulgarity and humility, and I can’t think of another show like it. If you don’t mind cringing at hearing a guy in tight shorts tell a girl she likes semen on her face (she’s not offended), you’ll enjoy this.

Evaluating the videos’ instructional value is much trickier.

The underlying message of the show is that a guy can say anything to a woman, as long as he believes in it, and connect with her. Well, not anything. But they’re generally right – getting a woman’s number is easy and should be fun.

As inspiration, the videos are tough to beat. They’re aimed at a younger crowd, but if at any age you can’t get in the mood to meet women after watching the guys flirt with wrestling catch phrases, you might as well consider castration. I know I’ve headed out with a hop in my step after watching them.

While it’s easy to question the guys’ game when the videos are so highly edited, I’m no hater: they seem legit to me. I’ve been close enough to the industry to know of some staged pickups on camera and I can smell a fake – this doesn’t look fake, and there are some teachable moments:

Their overall vibe and body language is well worth studying. They display just the right amount of indifference, fun and confidence.

While dressed as a ?Jersey Shore? douchebag, Jason does a great job of showing commitment in getting a girl to stop and talk to him, even when she had to feed her parking meter.
When they’re not going for shock value, their approaches are straightforward and charming, such as Jesse’s approach that led to walking off with a girl (one of the few closes that go beyond a number).
Jason gives a textbook example of approaching a girl who’s sitting with another guy.
Though I’m sure much of what they say is scripted for humor, they also respond with wit when challenged. Such as here.

The way they laugh off being rejected is perhaps more instructive than anything.
We don’t see much seduction out of them beyond phone numbers, but they do have one nighttime video in Vegas where they each appear to pull women to their hotel rooms, and they make it look good.


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