Simpler Options – Options Income Generating Blueprint


Published on: May 12, 2021
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– Step by Step Guide to Finding the Very Best Opportunities
– Strategies for Identifying the Highest Probability Setups
– Entry, Exit, and Stop Placement on John Carter’s Favorite Time Frames
– Which Options to Trade, When to Trade, and How Much Size to Use
– And much more.
John F. Carter:
Goals of this Class:
Understanding what makes up a high probability setup
How to manage the high probability setup – exits!
How much to risk and what to do if things go wrong.
How to find them? Sectors focus and IBD. Look at hundreds of stocks or focus on a handful? I like to use the list of stocks that trades weekly options (all are high volume) as well as the IBD 50 (investors business daily). These will give you plenty of opportunities.
Now you know the setup – go directional (delta 70 or 20?), or sell a spread?
When to focus on direction and when to do an iron condor instead.
How to defend iron condors
Best times to sell premium (watch that VIX and that PC ratio!)
Understanding the incredible power of 1 week and 1 month FIXED standard deviation moves – get the market makers on your side. Both for selling premium and direction.
And then, USE THESE TO: Generate monthly income and/or create wealth
What to Expect:
Minimal beginner stuff – if you aren’t sure what a call or put is, you are in the wrong class! (That is why we sent out the DVDs for beginners and spreads!)
We won’t cover the Greeks today – they aren’t completely necessary for this style of trading. If you are interested in the Greeks, we will COVER THEM HEAVILY in the 3 day follow up class.
The overall goal is for you to learn ‘setups and strategies’ that you can use for wealth building or income – or both.


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