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Simpler Trading – Strike Zone Strategy Elite Package & Bonus

Published on: July 26, 2021Free Digital Download Delivery
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Simple Entries for Consistent Gains Day trading Futures can be a challenge for traders looking to target consistent gains. However, missing the point of entry can cause traders to not only “miss out” on finding high-probability trades, many also expose themselves to a substantial amount of risk. That’s why Joe Rokop, with his years of professional and commercial experience, created the “Strike Zone” method. He’s determined to help traders hone their skills by using his “no brainer” entry signals to catch big moves while calculating risk. This has allowed Joe to target 100% to 300% intraday returns. Follow Joe’s “Strike Zone” setups in real-time. Become a member to attend a monthly live-trading and Q&A session. The Mastery Program Includes: Monthly Interactive Live-Trading

Once per month members get to join Joe in a group live-trading session Real-Time Text Alerts

Between sessions, you get Joe’s “Strike Zone” instant trade alerts in real-time Updated Trade Spreadsheet

Follow along with updated trades to see what Joe has open and when

StrikeZone_horiz_wt Who is this program for? The Strike Zone Mastery is for traders looking to consistently grow their account with a trading plan that works best with their lives. This Mastery is designed to demonstrate how Joe is able to lower risk with the objective of making consistent profits. This is for any trader looking for the best times to trade along with the entries optimal for market conditions.


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