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Published on: May 12, 2021
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How To Build A Six Figure Per Year Online Business Without Being Technical Or Having Previous Experience
‘I can’t believe she broke up with me.’
‘I thought we were going to grow old together!’

‘What do I do now?’
BROKEN – that’s the only way I can describe how I felt after my girlfriend of two-and-a-half years walked out on me.
I mean – seriously – I wasn’t even mentally or physically capable of dragging myself out of bed most days.
Needless to say, I was not in any mood to attend to my online blogging business 8 hours a day.
It’s not like I was making a fortune each month, but I’d had 10,000 subscribers and 100,000 visits or more each month to my site.
So, there was a time when I felt like I at least had a future with that.
But, now.
In my misery and despair I’d just let it all slip away.
Eventually there was no more money coming in and my blog was dead.
Yet, I had to eat and I had to survive
So, I forced myself to get out and get a job. anything. I just needed money and I needed it now.
Fortunately my local grocery store offered me an entry level spot which I immediately accepted, starting the very next day.
After months in a mental funk, it seemed like maybe the clouds were beginning to lift.
But, I’d grossly underestimated how tedious and soul sucking that grocery job would be
Did you know there is an old grocery store illusion called ‘Facing’ where you pretty up the boxes and cans on the grocery store shelves and make it look all straight and perfect.
Facing is why it might look like there is a whole row of boxes or cans of a product on a shelf, even if there’s really only 1 or 2 things in the very front.

More facing.
And even more stocking.
Oh, and to top it off – it was a minimum wage job – so I was barely scraping by.
But, I’ll say this – going to this job I hated every day had one positive side effect
It motivated me to want more from life again.
. to want to ACHIEVE again.
So, at night after work, I started playing around with SEO – Search Engine Optimization.
I’d gotten pretty good at SEO when I was blogging. you don’t get to 100,000 visitors a month by being a slouch
And now I was honing my skills.
Sharpening my talents.
And quickly getting REAL results!
First I used it to promote other people’s products for affiliate commissions.
It was – frankly – fast and easy money.
It was the win I desperately needed in life.
And within weeks I’d had amassed enough cash to live off of for the next few months
With my affiliate commission windfall I was able to quit that job – and telling my boss – it was like a massive weight was lifted off my shoulders.
I could start focusing on this Internet thing full time.
And finally I had BIG dreams and REAL aspirations again!
But, I also wanted to do something to help other businesses.
Just selling products as an affiliate – I mean that was ok – there was certainly money in it.
But, it didn’t resonate with me.
It didn’t bring me joy.
I felt like I would be more fulfilled working helping other businesses grow.
So, I just had to figure out how to get paid to do it;)
After a couple months of working hard on generating local leads with SEO, I perfected my process.
I was able to quickly set up new campaigns for almost any business type and have fresh interested leads for a business within hours.
And it was then that I started reaching out to business owners near me.
I thought the sales pitch I had was brilliant.
I called up business owners to offer them this: ‘Hey, I already have the customers that want what you’re selling. Do you want me to give you those customers?’
I left plenty of messages for decision makers.
I got quite a few, ‘I’ll think about it’ responses and a fair amount of, ‘let me get back t


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