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Six Sigma Quantitative L.L.C – How I Learned Stock Trading (and How You Can Too)


Published on: December 10, 2020
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This is a course that studies some of the most famous and successful stock traders in history. We will learn from these great stock traders and what makes them the best stock traders to study in terms of their trading strategy. I think these world-famous stock traders did a couple of things differently than most of the traders of our time.

Also, in this course we will talk about how a successful trader looks at the stock market and we can learn also learn how to be a good stock trader from the greatest traders. I don’t believe that this is an easy way to learn about stocks, but if are willing to learn from the mistakes of these most successful traders of all time I think you too can become a better trader.

Even if are an expert in the market I think using some of the approaches from the great traders will take some learning to trade stocks in a different way. I think you would also look at the market in a different way after learning from these great traders. In addition, we would also look at the best individual stocks that were traded as part of a case study by learning from the best stock traders in history.

What you will learn:

You will gain a historical context of the time periods of the great stock market traders
We will talk about the concept of speculation and understanding how to trade stocks using speculation
How to be more self-reliant in your own assessment of the stock market
Learn stock trading from the perspective of the best traders
Trading might look easy since there is low barrier to entry. However, I think the greatest traders of all time would have a different assessment of the stock market. Their approach to the market I think is very different than what has been traditionally taught.

We will talk about the following:

How the methods learned in this class is applicable in all markets
In the stock market how holding for the long term is better for your portfolio
How not to be disturbed by the short-term fluctuations in the stock market
How you should not jump into any stock and rather wait to see if they meet your criteria
I think it’s important to understand that the most successful traders of all time had a different approach to the stock market. They were not trading in and out of the market every day. They waited for the right stock to come along and if bought that stock then they weren’t disturbed the short-term stock market fluctuations.

We will cover the following:

How to become a successful trader in stock market by learning from these great traders
How to find good stocks to trade by creating your own method
How to build your own rules and philosophy about the market
How thinking for yourself and become self-reliant in the stock market is an important quality
This course will go in-depth into famous stock traders and their teachings as well their philosophy about the stock market. We will also talk about how to build your own system with rules based on the teachings and ideas from the best traders of all time. We will talk about how it’s important to be in the sideline most of the time. You should not be in the market all the time because you need to guard your capital.

Great traders looked at the stock market differently and their view of the market is often different than our own. In the modern times, there is large weight given to looking at the fundamental information about the company and thinking there is a correlation between the stock and the company. One thing to keep in mind is that the best stock traders in the world looks other factors that is directly impacting the stock itself.

Learn to stock trade from some of the greatest stock traders. In this course, we will cover how to create a mechanical trading system. This system should tell you when to buy, when to sell and how much to buy. I think those are some great questions the greatest stock


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