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Sixty Years of Challenge – Secret Seduction Triggers


Published on: April 27, 2022
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The below is a summary of the program made by the guy who requested it in the forum. I will upload the bonus files later.

Sixty (Chris Andersen) has developed and designed a system for the guy that thinks he is average and wants more sex and affection from women. He offers the sexual triggers that will get women to come to you, and get them to want to sleep with you.
According to Chris, the advantages of knowing the sexual triggers include:
– Turn women into girls eager and willing to please you
– Choose which women you want and get them to come up to you
– Attain status
– Have multiple sex partners and put them on “rotation”
Table of Contents/ List of Topics Covered:
– The secret to getting a girl to come to you and starting a conversation
– How to escalate the tension between that 1 girl you want to increase her desire for you
– Gain access to many seduction and psychological “triggers”
– Unlock her real primal sexual instincts
– The secret stealth pattern technique that gives you an upper-hand
– How to avoid being a sucker victim and getting trapped in the “friend zone”
– Exposed: How to tap into that sense of teenage nativity to command her to do things
– The one critical mistake most guys make that turn a woman off and how to avoid it
– The key to unlock her “trust mechanism”
– The easiest way to get her to quickly show you deep affection
– The secret trigger to unleash her inner lust, desire, and pure instinct
– How to tap into her brain and bypass all the BS
– The 3 attributes you already have, but are not using to get her to come over to you
Bonuses #1 – 10 steps to Mastery video
– How to use validation to position yourself as “The Man”
– What you can do to get to a physical level very quickly
– How to use the stealth “Purity affection” technique
– Exactly what holds her sexual desires back and how to break them
Bonus #2 – Mindsets of The Sexual Man guide (video)
– 10 easy steps to make a woman come to you
– Busted: The 3 myths of seduction blown apart and explained in detail
– The road blocks to the bedroom exposed and how to overcome them
Bonus #3 – “Sixty” Raw & Exposed: Interview with Chris
– Why women lie about what they want in a guy when asked, and what they really want
– The 1 disastrous mistake even experts make and what to do to avoid this pitfall
– Where to meet women that are practically waiting for a guy like you
– Why women are usually forced to pick a jerk and how to get her to pick you instead
Bonus #4 – “The Blueprint”
– The secrets of sexual tension and how to use seductive listening to make yourself a “catch”
– How to “decode” her signals
– The 3 most dangerous roadblocks to sex

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