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Sonia Borg – Marathon Sex


Published on: December 10, 2020
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Sonia Borg knows how to put the fun back in sex. Playful, provocative, and practical ways for lovers to put more ?don?t stop? into date night.? ? Lisa Schrader, author of Kama Sutra 52 and founder of
Get the toe-curling sex you?ve been dreaming of! The only thing that makes a good thing better is more of it. Marathon Sex gives you scenarios for prolonged lovemaking sessions that deliver incredible techniques and positions that make sex last longer and build to incredible orgasms. From seduction to foreplay to positions one, two, and three, each of these multi-hour scenarios provide a sex date hot enough to put the sizzle back into any relationship.
? She Comes Again?and Again?and Again: Blow her mind with multiple intercourse and oral techniques that hit all of her hot spots.
? It?s a Tie: Use sensate focus and the coital alignment technique have simultaneous orgasms.
? Sexalicious: Spice things up with savory sex techniques that will make your kitchen the second sexiest room in the house.
? Going (and Coming) Out on the Town: Build sensation and excitement all night long with your hottest pub crawl ever.
Every scenario gives you hours of moves and lets you explore a different side of sex and intimacy from playful to kinky. Marathon Sex gives you inspiration, techniques, and positions from start to finish line



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