Spider Guard Masterclass Jiu-Jitsu


Published on: December 14, 2020
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The guard is the most complex part of BJJ. And it?s an absolutely essential position. If you do Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu but you don?t have a reliable, powerful and effective guard then you?re in deep trouble.

Bottom line. No guard equals no BJJ.

The problem is that in BJJ most of the time the guard is a super-confusing position. There are so many unconnected techniques and seemingly endless scenarios. In a typical class an instructor might teach a series of isolated techniques: ?Here?s a sweep from the closed guard. a choke from the half guard. a guard pass prevention technique.? Nothing?s connected; all you have are some individual techniques that sometimes work and sometimes don?t work, without an overall framework to link all the pieces together.

To really be effective at the guard ? to have a guard you can rely on when the chips are down ? you need a predictable, surefire system, not a bunch of individual techniques. In this cutting edge BJJ instructional set you?ll get an entire plug and play system showing you exactly what to do from the guard and when to do it.

Spider Guard is perhaps the most dominant form of guard in modern jiu-jitsu. If you go and watch any high level BJJ competition you?ll see the Spider Guard being used with devastating results. You?ll see the Spider Guard being used to sweep huge opponents, set up devastating submissions like triangle chokes, omoplatas, armlocks and leglocks, and to thwart the guard passing attempts of some of the best competitors in the world.

But until now there just hasn?t been a resource that gave you the entire Spider Guard system.

Spider Guard Masterclass is a complete, proven, drag and drop system for the open guard. It includes all the techniques you need to know, how to link them together, and what to do when things go wrong.


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