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Sports Trading Journey Training Course


Published on: December 10, 2020
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Sports Trading Journey is a unique site dedicated to teaching people how to trade. This is not a tipping service or a site that promises a get rich quick system. We offer a genuine education in sports trading that requires hard work and determination to succeed. There are a million and one systems available right now that claim to offer everything for very little input, when in truth they only give away limited advice that is often available for free if you search for it.

We provide educational video training courses for anyone willing to invest their time and effort to learn the trading skills needed to become successful. The lesson plans are presented in a way that are easy to follow and deliver weekly training videos sent directly to your members account (2-6 videos every week for 6 months!)

Who’s it for?

Anyone who wants to learn how to become a sports trader.
Anyone who is just starting out their trading journey.
Anyone who has been trading for up to 1 year in the markets.
Anyone who is struggling to make money in the markets.
Anyone who has experience trading, and is wanting to adopt more ideas and strategies to enhance their own trading.

What do you get?

The 6 month ‘Trading Journey Package.’
Regular new videos every week.
Many hours of professional trading content.
Step by step guide how to begin your trading journey.
How to make money using small stakes.
Live trading examples with in-depth audio.
Various techniques and strategies explained.
Community of like minded traders on the private forum.
Featured articles and trading tips.

An Advanced Journey will become available exclusively to members who have completed ‘The Trading Journey’. These packages will be using increased stakes and will explain in more detail how advanced techniques are used. This is an exclusive lifetime mentorship programme available straight away after completing your first journey.

These packages will become available to you straight after you have completed ‘The Trading Journey’. They will include advanced content, showing examples of using larger stakes (?100 plus) which will reveal how profits of ?25 plus per race are achieved. Complex market analysis such as manipulation will be full explained to you, and these advanced packages will break down in detail my normal trading activity I execute on a daily basis. (more details will be given out in the members forum when you have started the journey)


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