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Stan Hustad – I Will Teach About God & Entrepreneurs,and Help You Be One


Published on: December 10, 2020
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This is a guide to being a God-inspired entrepreneur. I will teach you what that means, and how to decide to be one!

The future belongs to the Entrepreneur?

Today the smart people know that the traditional job and career style that we have become accustomed to will soon come to an end. We see that the long time career with years of service and job security followed by a nice pension and easy retirement are mostly hanging on from past times. Already it is estimated that over 50 million good folks in the USA alone are seeking to make it in the ?gig economy,? and more and more our life will be filled, not with a career, but with a long series of projects, contracts, and assignments. The phenomenon will spread, and already is.

Today the future belongs to the risk taker, the freelancer, the small business owner and most importantly to the creative entrepreneur. But the question for all of those who seek a better position, and may want to leave a dysfunctional and hurtful ?job situation? is, ?Do I have what it takes? to be a successful entrepreneur. And for many people of faith and good will this change of vocation is one that they run by their faith and beliefs in a God who cares about their life and future.

To these millions of people Stan Hustad, long-time teacher, broadcaster, business performance coach, mentor, and a man of faith, takes about 90 minutes to challenge, not jus teach you, about what it might be like to be an entrepreneur.

He has positions and beliefs which he shares, but does not shove, and seeks to help you to form your own beliefs and directions; and then make good decisions about whether you, with ?God?s grace,? should seek to live the life of an entrepreneur. You will learn a lot about life, business, marketing, personal selling and the road to true success.


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