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Stephen Russell – Barefoot Doctor’s School For Warriors


Published on: December 10, 2020
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Here’s What School For Warriors Will Do For YOU.

Give You a Genuine Powerful Inner Technology That’s Simple and Easy

In these trying times it is vitally important to keep your MIND clear of the WORRY, DOUBT, and FEAR that your mind likes to create.

Show You How to Center Your Body

This training gives you the facility to NOTICE when you are tilting off track. And Give you the facility to RIGHT yourself when you are off track.

Make Better Decisions

When you are clear minded, present in your body, and your life are PRESENT and in PARTNERSHIP with the magic of life, the magic of the TAO.

Opportunities Find YOU

When you empty yourself of your ego driven agenda you are you MOST attractive, generating the truest energy for LIFE.

Stephen Russell, also known as the Barefoot Doctor, is a practitioner and teacher of Taoism, its medicine, philosophy, meditation practices and martial arts and “magic? system, or wu wei.

Russell’s training comprised studying Aikido at 11, a Japanese martial art relying on the practitioner using the opponent’s strength against them without having to use their own. He also learned to meditate and do basic energy healing as part of the training. In his teens he switched to studying Tai Chi, one of the three Taoist ‘internal martial arts’, so called because they rely on following a set of internal principles while in the midst of movement or action. In his early twenties, he studied human consciousness with psychiatrist R D Laing for three years.

In 1979 he lived for four years with the Taos tribe in New Mexico, where he studied shamanism. During this time, he also trained in the two other Taoist internal martial arts, Hsing I and Pa Kua, as well as Taoist meditation and acupuncture, acupressure, moxibustion and massage techniques.

He returned to London in 1983 where he set up and ran an acupuncture practice for 17 years, as well as facilitating self-help workshops based on using all these techniques as a self-help system. He also ran a series of music-based events he developed to raise consciousness in a group setting. These were originally called Drum-Offs as they relied on each audience member bringing a percussion instrument. He also taught baby massage with obstetrician Yehudi Gordon for five years during this time. Additionally he released two albums of relaxation music with Polygram International in 1986 and 1987, called First Orbit and Sundancer respectively.

Russell ran his own private healing practice until 2001. From 2001 until 2003 he created and sold a range of fragrant body products. These were called Barefoot Doctor’s Chi/Qi and Barefoot Doctor’s Damn Sexy which was on sale at 360 Boots branches across the UK as well as Bon Marche in Paris, Henry Bendell on 5th Avenue in New York and at Fred Siegel in LA

He has written twelve books, including Barefoot Doctor’s Handbook for the Urban Warrior, A Spiritual Survival Guide and Pure: A Path to Peace, Power and Prosperity, as well as numerous spoken word Audios and videos including Meditate and Tai Chi Short Form. Russell was a weekly columnist for The Observer for five years.


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