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Steve Chou – Create a Profitable Online Store – Deluxe 2017


Published on: December 10, 2020
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The ?Create A Profitable Online Store Course? will walk you through the entire process of how to open a profitable online store. Because the course covers every aspect of how to run a profitable online store, it is designed to cater to both brand new entrepreneurs and existing online store owners alike. New Shopowners Will Learn. How To Find The Right Niche – Look over my shoulder as I show you exactly how I brainstorm products to sell and perform keyword research for potential niches. Learn all of the tools and metrics I use to evaluate a niche for profitability. By the time you decide to pull the trigger, you will be confident that your business idea will be a good one. How To Source Products To Sell – Learn how to import goods from overseas at low prices, where to find dropshippers and how to avoid the scammers and middlemen. I will provide you with the exact scripts that I use to contact vendors for the first time. How To Set Up Your Online Store Website – Choose the right shopping cart to fit your requirements. It doesn’t matter if you are on an extremely tight budget or if you are technically challenged. The step by step video tutorials will hold your hand throughout the entire process. As a web developer and programmer, I’ll also be there to help answer your technical questions and point you in the right direction. How To Sell On Amazon – Learn how to leverage one of the largest ecommerce marketplaces in the world. Even though you are creating your own branded website, you should also take advantage of pre-existing sales channels to maximize your profits. I will teach you how to make sales on Amazon as you build up your own online brand. How To Rank In The Search Engines – Discover how and where to obtain quality backlinks to your store. I will also show you how to optimize the pages on your site for maximum search visibility. How To Complete The Sale – Learn the exact techniques that I use to convince a customer to buy once they have landed on your website. I will show you how to use the advanced features of Google Analytics to find hot spots in your sales funnel and improve your conversion rate. How To Use Pay Per Click Services – Learn how to market your store and make sales right away with PPC services like Adwords and the comparison shopping engines. Without proper instruction, it’s very easy to burn money with these services. How To Generate Traffic To Your Store – Learn how to use social media, email marketing and other marketing tactics to obtain free traffic to your online store. How To Make Your Business Legal – Learn how to get through all of the paperwork and red tape required to run your business legally. The course will also go over how to save money on your taxes by teaching you what business expenses you can and can not deduct on your tax return. Module 1: Find a Profitable Niche Market Module 2: Discover Where To Source Your Products Module 3: Set Up Your Online Store Module 4: How To Sell On Amazon Module 5: How To Create Sales Funnels Module 6: Make Your Business Legal Module 7: Market Your Online Store For Free Module 8: Email Marketing Module 9: Google Adwords And Google Shopping Module 10: Facebook Advertising Module 11: Optimize Your Store For The Search Engines Module 12: Price Your Products For Maximum Profit Module 13: Advanced Website Optimization Module 14: Customer Service And Managing Your Online Reputation


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