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Steven Pollock – TTC Video – Particle Physics for Non-Physicists


Published on: December 10, 2020
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This course provides a framework to understand such cutting-edge physics research as gravity waves, dark matter, and string theory.


1. Nature of Physics
2. Standard Model of Particle Physics
3. Pre-History of Particle Physics
4. Birth of Modern Physics
5. Quantum Mechanics Gets Serious
6. New Particles & New Technologies
7. Weak Interactions & the Neutrino
8. Accelerators & Particle Explosion
9. Particle ?Zoo?
10. Fields & Forces
11. ?Three Quarks for Muster Mark?
12. From Quarks to QCD
13. Symmetry & Conservation Laws
14. Broken Symmetry, Shattered Mirrors
15. November Revolution of 1974
16. A New Generation
17. Weak Forces & the Standard Model
18. Greatest Success Story in Physics
19. The Higgs Particle
20. Solar Neutrino Puzzle
21. Back to the Future (1)?Experiments to Come
22. Back to the Future (2)?Puzzles & Progress
23. Really Big Stuff?The Origin of the Universe
24. Looking Back & Looking Forward


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