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STM – The 6 Week Affiliate Mastery Challenge


    Published on: November 17, 2021
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    Did we not say that 2015 was going to be an amazing year for us?

    We have STM London… The Angle… and now this! Let’s start 2015 off with a bang.

    I’d like to formally announce that in 2015 we will be offering an Affiliate Mastery Challenge course.

    This programme will be 6 weeks long and cover everything from core marketing concepts to the basics of tracking and practical tasks. It is aimed at those who are reasonably new to the AM scene and want to greatly accelerate their core education. We will help you demystify the brain-numbing challenges that this industry throws at you.

    If you think the STM forum is amazing, this 6 Week Affiliate Mastery Challenge will be absolutely remarkable for you and will draw on some of our most salient content – crunch, squeeze and mix it, then beam it into your now watering eyes.

    It will be primarily video-based with weekly live sessions as well as prerecorded video. All in ultra-quality HD of course.

    We will have a superstar cast of presenters including Mr Green, BBrock32, Stackman, and of course yours truly. There may be other industry-leading presenters nearer the end of the course but I won’t reveal their identities just yet…

    For those of you who prefer visual/video-based instruction and who are truly ambitious to make this work, this spectacular offering will be your best investment of the year. But Zeno, the year’s only just started! WRONG! 2015 is over. This is now the year of STM!

    You can expect the 6 Week Affiliate Mastery Challenge to over-deliver on your expectations.

    To be clear, the 6 Week Affiliate Mastery Challenge is a completely separate offering to the STM forum and as such will not require you to be a member but will have it’s own price tag.

    Want some juicier details? OK OK I’ll oblige… here’s a cursory outline of what the 6 week programme:


    Week 1:

    Day 1: Many aspects of AM covered + some practical tasks. You’ll learn about the various entities involved and will start setting up a tracker, server, business website, will join an affiliate network, etc.
    Day 2: Introduction to the different media channels, ad types, major traffic sources and how user intent is a critical underlying factor.
    Day 3: Verticals and offer types.
    Day 4: Different bidding modes and commission models.
    Day 5: The affiliate marketing tool kit. Here you’ll be run through all the tools you need to start campaigns on the right technical and creative footing.
    Day 6 live delivery: A short recap of the week, Q&A and a live run through of setting up a website, hosted email, etc.

    By the end of week 1 you will have a cost effective setup that makes you feel like a real marketer, and to the outside world, a rep


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