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Neil Strauss – StyleLife Academy 2014


Published on: December 10, 2020
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Neil Strauss ? Style life Academy 2014 Members pack + bonuses
Neil Strauss ? Complete Field Guide To Disqualification | StyleLife Academy 2014 ? Complete Field Guide To Disqualification

1. PILLAR 1: ?style?s Complete Field Guide To Disqualification?:

The 4Rs that will always allow you to recover if you disqualify too much PLUS set you up for a reversal routine that will have her follow you around like a puppy dog all night.
WHEN and HOW in conversation to disqualify properly for maximum attraction amplification.
How to use Disqualification to make all of a woman?s friends in a group feel she is safe with you. No more problems with obstacles blocking you.
Which women you should NEVER disqualify because it will hurt your game.
How to alternate disqualification and complimenting to create an emotional roller coaster that pumps up her attraction levels.
The key to establishing your own standards so that your disqualifiers come off as genuine (the art of screening).
style?s ?point system? of attraction that creates a fun game for women to play with you that secretly seduces their mind into chasing you.
Two words that immediately disqualify you to any woman and create pre-selection for you immediately.
The ?don?t think of an elephant philosophy? to seeding attraction in a woman?s mind through disqualification

You?ll be handed an entire arsenal of ?Chick Crack? and learn the art of disqualification (teasing, bantering and flirting) ? James Bond style ? broken down into easily understandable steps. You?ll videoover how you magically can change a relationship from a stranger to potential lover. This essential skill will give you the challenging ?mental frame? women crave.

Neil Strauss ? Style Takes Your Game To The Next Level |StyleLife Academy 2014 ? Style Takes Your Game To The Next Level

3 secrets to getting good NOW at game.
Why you should be learning actively instead of passively.
How to create a DHV personal ad or online dating bio that gets responses.
The secret to why style succeeded at game.
The ?needy? mistake that will kill your perceived high value to women.
style?s complete structure for building attraction.
BONUS: see a hidden camera pick-up of a pick up artist run game from approach to number close.
A brand new opener style has never released before.

You?ll learn my method for building up your inner game so that your own personality ultimately becomes an attraction factor. This works especially, if you are super shy or not naturally extroverted and outgoing. I will show you how to avoid low value mistakes and feel an entirely new level of confidence in any type of social situation. I also will share with you the ?secret sauce? of my personally perfected routines.

Neil strauss ? Advanced Kino And Massage | StyleLife Academy 2014 ? Advanced Kino And Massage

Advanced Kino and Massage? with Gypsy & Evolve:

One guiding principle that will make women more comfortable with your touch.
How to create an environment conducive to kino escalation that appeals to all of a woman?s senses.
The secret to telling a DHV story to root your kino massage.
A pressure point technique you use in isolation at a bar or on a Day Two to open her up to your touch and her touching you.
How to get her to give you a massage!
Why always having two hands on a women will alleviate her nervous tension.
A seductive transition from massage to kiss close.
Why you want to SEED that you?ve learned massage before offering a woman a massage.
A introduction to hand reflexology, a unique way to safely kino a woman.
How to cold read a woman?s body based on the tension in her hand.
A never fail transition from hand massage to kiss close.
Built in kino escalation that moves from the hand, up the arm, to her face an…


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