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Published on: December 14, 2020
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This is the long awaited, long anticipated Subliminal Shop ? Alpha Male 6.0 Training set: the pinnacle of subliminal alpha male training, the best of it?s kind, and by far the most advanced, powerful, effective, successful and life changing alpha male training you can find. The Master Key script for Version 6.0 stands at just over 102,000 words long, with each stage script running from 46,000 to 98,000 words in length. This is one of the two most advanced, complex, powerful and life changing subliminals in the entire world.

To create Alpha Male 6.0 was a lot of work. The script of the Alpha Male set V5 was stripped down, overhauled completely, had outdated scripting methods removed and many new goals were added. Then over the course of 12 separate passes (some requiring a week or more of work each), it was optimized to the point of ridiculous. Every single one of over 941 statements in the entire script has been made to use absolutely consistent optimizations. This took the Master Key script from 32 pages in length (16,500 words) to almost 200 (102,000 words). The number of improvements is uncountable.

Alpha Male 6.0 of Subliminal Shop set is built in the 5th Generation format. By itself, this makes it about 9.2 times more powerful than the Alpha Male Subliminal training set Version 5. Add to that the fact that 5th Gen build format allows for many new technologies to be incorporated, and the countless improvements and optimizations from Version 5. As you can imagine, Alpha Male 6 is light years beyond what Alpha Male 5 was.

Subliminal Shop ? Alpha Male 6.0 set now incorporates the following advanced technologies:

The Naturalizer: Makes the process of change and growth so natural that it is much less likely to trigger resistance.

Self Optimizing scripting: Makes the program actually tune itself to your mind?s optimal data processing speed.

HyperSpeed Technology: Causes the self optimizing scripting to automatically and constantly adjust itself to your current state of awareness, so that your mind is always processing the subliminal at it?s optimal speed.

The Optimus Engine V. 2.0: Causes a massive focus on the goal. Makes getting there much more automatic and virtually irresistible.

And the newly developed Slipstream Technology, which causes challenging changes to be brought into existence in such a way that most types of resistance are bypassed completely.

What?s new in Alpha Male 6.0 subliminal training set?

An improved on circle of friends manifestation sequence, so that the friends you manifest are genuine, long term friends who will help you for the long haul, instead of stabbing you in the back. Self forgiveness. Forgiveness of others without allowing them to walk on you or mistreat you. Letting go of the past. Maturity improvement. Wisdom enhancement. Self healing, emotionally and mentally. Trauma and abuse healing. Supply your own love, affection and attention. Overcome any victim mentality you may have when you start the program. Refuse to justify actions that are not moving you forward, or accept that behavior from yourself. Kill excuses and refuse to accept them from yourself or anyone else. Seek the challenge. (Yes, the entire script, which has been heavily modified and optimized from the program that is available in the store.) The notorious Optimus Engine 2.0. Aimed strait at making you an Alpha Male! Overcoming guilt, shame and fear. (Again, heavily modified and optimized from what is available as a separate program in the store. This was one of the most requested features of the new version, and one of the primary reasons a new version exists. This was worked into every stage of the program, from foundation building to refresher.) Self validation. (This one?s BIG!) Maximize rate of growth, healing, self improvement and change. Optimize script to be more comprehensive, more specific and more positive in


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