Superhuman Operating System with Ken Wilber


Published on: December 14, 2020
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You are hitting a natural tipping point in your psychological and spiritual evolution. You are on this page because you are hitting a major tipping point in your psychological and spiritual evolution. This is the monumental event in your adult development where you shift from what the renowned developmental psychologist Dr. Abraham Maslow called ?esteem needs? to ?self-actualization needs.? Your growing dissatisfaction with your old ways of being and your underlying frustration with the day-in day-out grind of ?ordinary? life is a clear sign that you?re ready to make this shift and consciously engage in the process of self-actualization. The truth is you have been preparing for this moment your whole life. The time has come for you to answer this inner call, awaken your untapped potentials and step into the greatest, most empowered version of you.

You are ready to actualize your full potential and become the greatest possible version of you You?re ready to leap into a new relationship with your life, one that may look and feel ?superhuman? when compared to your life right now. And this isn?t just some inspirational concept. In fact, developmental researchers from around the globe have confirmed that there is a new type of evolution happening within humanity. A small percentage of the world (approximately 5%) is breaking through to a new stage of human evolution. When you reach this new ?self actualization? stage (and the stages that exist beyond it), you experience a substantial increase in efficiency, effectiveness, and capability far beyond that of the average person. This is why this new level of development is referred to by some as ?superhuman?, and you are standing at the front door to this new way of living, this new way of being


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