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Superlearner Ultimate Advantage


Published on: November 17, 2021
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Learn The Secrets That Propelled The World’s Top Thought Leaders To Success – Including Tim Ferriss, Ryan Holiday, Benjamin Franklin & Many More…

Using the Slipstream Technique has to be one of the best – and easiest – ways to get ahead.

While you’ve probably never heard of it, this powerful technique has been the secret weapon of some of the world’s most successful people, including…

And while bits and pieces of the magic have been shared before…

…(Spread out across hundreds of books, blog posts, and podcasts over the last several hundred years)…

…there has never been a comprehensive strategy to reproduce the magic…

… until now.

If you’re serious about learning, and want to take your career (and life) to an entirely new level, read on.

Who, Not How:
The Secret Behind The World’s Most Successful People

As a SuperLearner, I spent years learning about how to do things.

I studied how to market.

I studied how to podcast.

I studied how to create successful online courses.

And sure, without a doubt, all of these “hows” have paid off really well for me.

But what I began to realize is that while the world’s most successful people know a lot of “hows”…

… what was most important to their growth and their success was the “whos.”

If you want to completely transform your life fast, it’s just not enough to dig around and try to find the right books and articles.

(Even if you read at 700+ words per minute, like I do).

You see, in order to save years of trial and error and re-inventing the wheel, you need to find the right people who can get you to the next level….

…And then, learn everything you possibly can – directly from them.

Think about it:

How many successful people do you know who don’t have mentors?

The answer is none.

Looking back, even I, with all of my SuperLearning skill, owe much of my success to a long list of mentors – both in business and in life.

In short, what I’m saying is this:
If you want to get ahead in life, you need to stand on the shoulders of giants!
But How Can You Connect With Successful People That Can Get You To The Next Level?

Now, there is a chance that you’re thinking…

“Sure Jonathan, it’s easy for you to say ‘connect with successful people’ – you have a podcast with 3,000,000+ downloads, a TEDx talk, an MBA, yada yada yada. How can I, without all that, connect with the right mentors to help me?”

I’m glad you asked

Here’s a crazy story:

(You’re going to love this)

About a year ago, I received a strange email from a SuperLearner student:

This email stood out from the rest of the stuff in my inbox, to say the least.

So I clicked on it.

And boy am I glad I did.

While I didn’t know it at that time, the sender of that email would go on to become a good friend of mine…

…and to run a huge portion of my entire company.

That person’s name was Brandon Fong, and he’s developed something absolutely ingenious:
The “Slipstream Technique”
The Strategy That Anyone (Regardless of Experience) Can Use To Learn Directly From Industry Transformers & Shortcut Their Career Success


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