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Swingcatt – Masculine Polarity


Published on: December 10, 2020
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“What If Letting Go Of Your Ego Creates A Gravitational Field That Pulls Women Into Your Orbit & Unleashes Your Natural Ability To Recognize Attraction Signals Most Men Will Never See That Reveal How To Get The Girl Every Time??

The Answer Is Yes And If You’re Ready To Discover An Almost Unknown Method That Frees You From Your Ego & Unleashes Your Natural Ability To Trigger Attraction In The Women You Desire, Keep Reading…

From: Swinggcat
Author of “Real World Seduction?

Dear friend,

Man-to-man, I want you to answer these questions honestly…

Have you ever failed to approach a woman you’d like to meet because…

You couldn’t think of anything to say or what popped into your head felt like the wrong thing to say?
You believed you didn’t have a chance with her?
You sized up your competition and thought you didn’t have a chance against them?
You were riddled with fear and anxiety?
You thought she’d embarrass or reject you?
An unexplainable block prevented you from doing it?
You told yourself some lame excuse to avoid talking to her, such as, “I’ll approach her later on,? “she’s busy right now,? “she’s in the middle of a conversation with her girlfriend,? “she probably has a boyfriend,? or “I’ll just have one more drink before going in??
Have you ever approached a woman and…

She ignored you?
She shut you down?
She thought you were weird or cheesy?
You said a canned pick up line that didn’t go over well?
Has a woman’s negative response to you approaching her ever left you feeling rejected, inadequate, or angry?

Have you ever been talking to a woman and…

The conversation came to a lull and you didn’t know what to say next?
You got upset because she kept interrupting you, wasn’t listening to you, or didn’t laugh at your jokes?
You had an unsettling feeling that she was just being polite and wanted to escape ASAP?
She said something that made you feel emasculated?
You sensed she wasn’t attracted to you?
Have you ever liked a girl but…

You grew frustrated because she failed to see you as a better catch than the losers she goes for?
You felt you couldn’t compete with your better looking, smarter, or funnier friend?
A guy swooped in, took her from you, and left you feeling frustrated, inadequate, or jealous?
She showered another guy with attention, giggled at everything he said, and ignored you?
If yes, did you feel angry or think you lacked something he had?
You kept asking her out but she kept flaking on you or making excuses why she couldn’t get together.
She wouldn’t return your phone calls?
You didn’t know how to make a move on her?
When you made a move on her, it went over awkward, she pushed you away, and you got angry at her or felt a little pathetic or unattractive?
She liked you back. But because you couldn’t recognize her attraction signals, you lost your chance with her?
If you answered YES to any of these questions…


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