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Syed Shah – Learn to develop salesforce lightning components in IDEs


Published on: December 10, 2020
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stepping ahead from Developer Console to the IDEs to show case your expertise of salesforce lightning coponents

Salesforce Lightning Components framework is most sought after framework in the industry now. Lighnting Components enables you with the rapid development with the build-in and reusable codes. Now the development is not years or months, rather, it is days or even hours/minutes. Once you are familiar with the development in Developer Console of the Browser, you can plan another step ahead with development of the lightning components in IDEs. This tutorial is meant for you, if you are looking to understand how we can develop the lightning components in IDE ie Sublime Text Editor.

I have demonstrated WHY we need an IDE when we can do that work through the Developer Console, WHAT we need for starting the development of the lightning components via IDEs i.e. Sublime Text Editor, HOW to download and install them.

This is NOT meant for the beginners of the salesforce lightning components development.

This is for the people who already have the knowledge/experience in salesforce lightning components, and, want to step another foot ahead by learning ?developing the salesforce lightning components in IDE like Sublime Text Editor?.

Lightning Components is a UI framework for developing web apps for mobile and desktop devices. It?s a modern framework for building single-page applications with dynamic, responsive user interfaces for Force . com apps. It uses JavaScript on the client side and Apex on the server side.


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