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T. Harv Eker – Millionaire Mind Intensive


Published on: December 14, 2020
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Are You Hardwired for Success?

Think carefully because the answer will
critically impact your entire financial future.

Do you believe that success is hit-or-miss? Or that successful people are simply lucky, or they were probably born rich?

During this economic downturn, are you watching your savings slowly disappear? Or is your piggy bank long since empty?

When times are good, it’s easy to slip into a routine and get comfortable. You ride along and pretend you’re doing fine as you rack up credit card debt and take out a second mortgage.

But in today’s uncertain economic climate, you need to make your own personal economy recession-proof. You need to be hardwired for success!

In T. Harv Eker’s N.Y. Times #1 Bestseller Secrets of the Millionaire Mind?, he examines the hardwired programming around money that everyone has, and which unconsciously determines your financial success. This is the Money Blueprint that is ingrained in your subconscious mind and it is the single most important factor in determining your financial life.

Fortunately, your Money Blueprint can be adjusted, like a thermostat, to enable you to not only earn more money, but learn to manage your money in a life-altering manner. Given the current state of the market, there is no more important time than RIGHT NOW TO change your financial thermostat.


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