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Tad James – 5 Step Sales Process


Published on: December 14, 2020
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The Meaning of Selling: The word sell comes from the Norwegian ‘selje’, and it means ‘to serve’. Successful selling is about serving the client: it’s not about the salespersons need to sell. It requires listening to find out what the client really wants and providing this to them.

Our 5 step sales process methodology will show how to communicate with clients, entering into their model of the world to communicate in their language. Once learned, the confidence and motivation to close a sale is increased, business excels.

* Strategies in how to serve your client’s needs resulting in successful sales
* Effective planning before calling
* How to establish the clients communication style
* Understanding the clients needs by asking the right questions and then listening
* Learn how to present solutions in your clients dominant communication style
* Follow through for greater results

When I listened to Bob Serling’s MDL audios, I quickly noticed that he is using Tad James’ 5 Step Sales process. Intentionally or not, Bob Serling is following Tad James exactly. So, for you MDL devotees, this is definitely for you, just to wire down Bob’s methodology. MP3


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