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Published on: December 14, 2020
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It?s never too late to get started with TAI CHENG!

As a tai chi master AND Doctor of Sports Medicine, Dr. Mark Cheng knows exactly how the gentle, low-impact movements of tai chi can hold the key to staying strong and active throughout a long life.

WITH TAI CHENG, HE?S CREATED AN EASY-TO-LEARN SYSTEM, so anyone can quickly master the essentials:

HE MADE IT VISUAL. Dr. Cheng uses a special foot-placement grid and shows you each move from 3 angles, so you always get great visual cues. HE MADE IT DOABLE. There?s always a modified version of every move, so no matter what your age or fitness level, you can be sure to follow along.

Here?s What Comes With Your

Tai Cheng Kit: DVDS 4 Workout DVDS

that clearly and simply teach you the 18 ?essential movements? of tai chi, so you can improve balance and mobility, help relieve aches and pains, and help reduce your risk of falls and other injuries. Master Scroll DVD The Master Scroll ?Get Started? DVD

Watch this on Day One to ensure a successful 90 days. Learn breathing exercises that help melt away stress, and see all 18 essential moves broken down for easy reference. 4 FREE Training Tools

?100 VALUE Free Training Tools

Easy does it Guidebook tells you everything you need to know about the programme. It?s an information-packed resource that you can turn to again and again for information on the healing powers of Tai Cheng. Tai Cheng wall calendar shows you which routine to do each day so there?s no confusion or guesswork. It will feel great to track how much strength and confidence you gain with every passing day!

Feel better food plan is packed with delicious meal and snack recipes, specially designed to fit with the Tai Cheng workouts. This easy-to-follow plan promotes healthy weight loss-and that will make your body feel even better! Quick relief foam roller to help gently release kinks and knots in your muscles and joints. You?ll love using the foam roller-it?s like getting a massage without leaving your living room.

4 FREE Bonus Gifts?

WORTH OVER ?200 Free Gifts

GIFT #1 Tai Cheng for Travel BONUS Workout All it takes is 10 minutes for this stress-relieving routine to relax tight muscles and unwind body tension after a long flight or car trip. GIFT #2 Tai Cheng for Sport BONUS Workout This 10-minute routine is an amazing body-refresher for use after any strenuous activity. For golfers, it?s specially designed to help you keep playing the game you love for decades.

Free Gifts

GIFT #3 Strength-Training Resistance Band** As your body gets stronger, it will demand more resistance. This Bonus Gift is a safe, gentle way to help you build your strength even faster.

Free Gifts

GIFT #4 FREE 24/7 Online Support Have questions? Our dedicated team of fitness experts and Coaches is here to help you reach your goals!


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