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Tamer Bader – The 2016 Ultimate Web Developer Course


Published on: December 10, 2020
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Everything you need to know to become an advanced web developer from scratch.

We call this The Ultimate Web Developer Course not because we think that its an amazing course, but because this is hands down the most in depth course on web development in town. You will become the ultimate web developer in a matter of hours and will be redy to go out and freelance web development projects and create a part or full time income from it!

The design and structure of this course follows elite college curriculum. You will begin by learning the basics of each programming language and technology web developers use, and you will be creating real life projects with every new skill you learn so you’re getting the entire finished puzzle instead of just pieces that you have to put together yourself. Every section will have a big project in which you will incorporate everything you learned in that section but also what you learned in previous sections!

More Than Just A Basic Course

Most courses on web development walk you through the skills beginners need, but then require you to learn the skills that make you an employable web developer. This course is different. After you have learned the basics and built real projects for your portfolio, you can move on to hours of continued training at the intermediate and advanced levels for each web development skill you’ve learned. You will create advanced webpages that other courses fail to teach leaving you in the beginner state of development rather than taking you to that advanced state of development.

Don’t stop when you’re just starting to get good at this, keep learning and enhancing your web development portfolio. New content will be added to this course frequently, so even if you complete the entire course, the next time you log in you’ll have more skills to learn. You have the opportunity to lear a great skill as well as the opportunity to make more money! Who wouldn’t like to make extra money on the side making websites! Go Ahead and try it, you wont regret it!


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