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Target Focus Training – Lethal Leverage – Joint Breaking


Published on: December 10, 2020
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How to instantly hobble, cripple or destroy any adversary? using self defense leverage secrets employed by the smartest, most street-savvy, most successful fighters on the planet.

1-or-a-kind self defense video series that breaks completely new ground, explaining in easy-to-understand terms how to make ?lethal? leverage work even in the midst of utter chaos!

Unique in its simplicity and approach, you discover why, contrary to everything published, there aren?t 1000?s of ways to break joints. Instead, there is only ONE? and within that one there are just six ways to accomplish it.

Discover the 1 critical thing you must do to manipulate or break any joint (not understanding this is the reason others ignorantly tell you joint breaking won?t work in a chaotic self defense scenario). Also explains why it?s crucial in a hostile situation to understand HOW to break any joint in the human body? even if you never intend to actually do it!


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