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Target Focus Training – The Art of Head Trauma – THROWING SERIES


Published on: December 10, 2020
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Weapons may be the most feared aspect of a life-or-death confrontation? but NOTHING ends one faster (or more dramatically) than a well executed throw.

Throwing is one of those things that simultaneously delights and intimidates a crowd.

On the one hand, it looks great. A smaller person steps through a larger person and then, as if by magic, hurls the bigger man to the ground in a mysterious flurry of limbs and blurred motion.

But we all know there?s no way the smaller person could pick up the larger; that means it must be either magic or highly advanced skill.

And this, of course, is the intimidating part ? people immediately assume they cannot hope to replicate what they just saw without years of work, bulging muscles, robes covered in black sashes with gold-fringes, and, not to mention, a law-professor-load of certificates papering their walls.

Yet nothing could be further from the truth. Because throwing is as simple as? knocking people down!

It?s doing the work of a patch of ice or a crack in the sidewalk. It?s simply recognizing when people are windmilling at the top of that last stair and giving them a good, hearty shove down the flight

What happens next is just the laws of the universe screwing with them.

All throws ? from the simplest takedown to the most complex example of ?free flying lessons? ? arise from ONE set of rules ? simple, easy rules anyone can remember, recognize and quickly master.

And the best part is? between gravity and the ground, you?ve got?
A Fool-Proof Weapons System
That?s Always At Your Disposal?
Always ?On?, And With You?
Everywhere You Go!

And the best way to understand what it looks like when it?s demonstrated correctly (and how easy it is for you to do with just minimal training), is to see it in action. So here?s?


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